First Pulled Pork on the New Daniel Boone

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  1. After a successful turkey for thanksgiving I decided to do a few pork butts on the new GMG Daniel Boone. Brined the pork in Apple Cider, salt, brown sugar and assorted spices for three days in the fridge. Rubbed really good with Jeff's rub, then put the butts on at 6 am @ 250*, and they reached 205* internal at 9pm - thats 15 hours. I think next time I'll kick up the heat a little to speed it up to a 10-11 hour smoke. As it was, it took a full bag and a half of Pecan pellets - thats almost $30 in pellets to smoke $28 of meat. Glad I did two - works out to about a buck a sandwich for a several families. Smoking on a cold rainy day didn't help either.

    One pulled, and one to go...

    After pulling I brought out a jar from the fridge of reserved foiling juice from the last baby back rib cook. Took the fat cap off and put it in a pan to simmer and reduce. When reduced to about a cup I poured it onto the pulled pork and mixed in well. Very tasty way to add flavor.

    The finished product, with home made slaw to top it off. Tasted fantastic, I'll be feeding on these for awhile...
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