First Pulled Pork Butt this Sunday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by greenersport, Sep 16, 2016.

  1. greenersport

    greenersport Newbie

    Hi All,

    At the request of my 13 year old (he turns 13 tomorrow) I am going to smoke my first Pork Butt.

    I have tried to read and go through everyone's threads related to Pulled Pork and Pork Butt smokes, given that I am trying my first one Sunday can someone confirm the overall best practice?  Here is a rough attempt;

    1. 8-10 lb Pork Butt (bone or no bone)

    2. Apply some Yellow mustard and dry rub of choice.

    3. Cook time varies......seems popular time is 1-1.5 hours per lb.

    4. Spray\Mop some something every couple hours (Apple juice from a spray bottle or ??????)

    5. Once Meat temp is 180 pull it out and wrap in Foil til ??

    6. Take out and let sit for 15-20 mins and shred.

    Again, this is rough process.  Other things I have seen;

    - Inject before hand with homemade stuff

    - dry rub\prep night before and let sit overnight

    I have an MES30 electric smoker (with the digital display on top in back).

    Thank you everyone!!

  2. smokinal

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    Hope this helps!

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  3. greenersport

    greenersport Newbie

    Sorry I left out a key question......Temp?
  4. ademily87

    ademily87 Newbie

    I don't pull mine off until internal temp is 205. I also have an MES 30 and set it at 275. Have had great success with this method and I haven't had any bad stalls either. I also double wrap in aluminum foil then wrap in a towel and throw it in an empty cooler for a minimum of 2 hours to rest. I like to let it rest for about 4 hours though if I can. Even after 4 hours it's still plenty warm and just falls apart.
  5. ademily87

    ademily87 Newbie

    And I also don't foil at all during the cook. I love a good bark so I just set it in there and don't open the door until it's 205 internal temp. Works beautifully.
  6. greenersport

    greenersport Newbie

    ademily87 and SmokinAl - Thank for the info!!

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