First PP from my UDS

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  1. Well, here we go, the first Pulled Pork my neighbour and me made on our home-made UDS..

    Here's the raw version, ready for injection and rub..

    Injecting it with apple vinegar, onion and other niceties..

    Southern Succor rub

    In plastic and one night in the fridge..

    UDS all ready to go, it's 0745..

    The UDS was run on 120 degrees (250 F) the whole time. The whole run on the UDS lasted 8,5 hours and 1 hour of resting for a total of 9,5 hours.

    Using cherry wood for the smoke, all is going according to plan..

    At 74 degrees Celsius core temp, the pork was glazed with a Sweet and Smokey home made BBQ sauce, apple vinegar and honey mix.

    Another two hours later, it was time to put the pork in alu foil for its run thorugh the zone from 74 to 88 degrees celsius..

    88 degrees! jobs done, unwrap, get it out into new foil and put away for at least an hour to let it rest..

    Pulling done, ding ding! Dinner time!

    Anybody got a dog that wants a bone?

    Coleslaw salad to go with the PP.

    It was awesome, very good, tender and moist. Will make this again, very soon haha!
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    Looks great. Glad to see the UDS is running well.
  3. [​IMG]WOW! I could live on that. Nice job and nice UDS.

    Happy smoken.


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