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Discussion in 'Beef' started by thegreatmc, May 23, 2016.

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    Life gets busy and I haven't been able to post up here in a long time so I figured what better comeback then a beautiful prime rib roast? This comes off a beef we raised ourselves and if it looks a little small, that's because it is. We raise Scottish Highlanders which when fully matured and ready to butcher are only 900lbs unlike the typical American beef breeds that are 1400+. This is great for a family of 3 when it comes to the amount of meat and the size of everything. This roast fed 5 people last night with some leftover for my lunch.

    Please excuse the first picture. I forgot to take one that didn't go on SnapChat so you get a title across it

    Here's sliced:

    I pulled it at 135* and I wish I had pulled it sooner but it tasted great. It was just worcestershire sauce, salt, pepper, and onion powder. I would have done garlic but somehow I couldn't find any in the spice cupboard. All in all, it was a great meal.
  2. Hello and Welcome Back.  GREAT looking beef!  I must have misplaced my invite.  [​IMG]

    I had never seen the Highland breed until I moved to the U.K..  There are other breeds but are you talking about the orange shaggy rascals. They look straight at you (chewing grass) and you can just hear them saying " 'SUP DUDE?"  I love 'em.  Love the horns.  Every time I see them they make me laugh.  I can also see how they would be suited to your part of the country.  Keep Smokin!

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    Looks delicious!!!

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    It was a small private party, don't feel to bad about missing your invite.  When we do the big bash here in a couple months you'll be invited. [​IMG]

    As for the Highlanders, they are a unique breed.  Looks like a cross between a cow and an English sheepdog.  If one was trying to make a living off of ranching, they would be a horrible breed as they are slow to mature and they mature small, both of which equate to less money in the ranchers pocket.  Since we just have a little "hobby farm" that we raise these on, they are great.  We have them on pasture all the time but anyone that says they have grass FATTENED beef are mistaken.  Beef don't get fat off of grass and we all know how important fat is to flavor.  Therefore, even though our beef is grass fed, it is supplemented with grains.  We use a mixture called C.O.B. which is corn, oats, and barley, all rolled and then coated with a real light amount of molasses.  The animals all love that stuff and we pick it up at the local feed store.  
  5. Hello.  I used to work some ranches back home in Tx. back in my younger days.  I have seen pictures of cattle from here in the U.K. back right after WWII.  Folks didn't have much money so they needed small joints of beef.  The producers started producing what the public needed.  County show winners back then were about waist high to a grown man.  Now a Black Angus is about 6' tall at the shoulders.


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