First Pork sholder.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jeff hawthorn, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. Here is a prepped 4lb pork sholder, the second peice was on top of the roast but pretty much detatched so I took advantage and dressed is differently hoping for an extremely barky peice with a good kick.
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    Wow! I'm really curious to see how that turns out!
  3. I just pulled the lil peice after a very busy morning of building me a tarp enclosure and returning a bottle of propane that had a leak from the valve stem. Heres some Q-View
    Its currently 30 degrees an blustery so my lil tarp house is awesome. 57 degrees inside. Here is the next round after I pull the hopeful pulled pork.
  4. Lil fella feels like it is going to pull very nicely, no way the wife or daughter will want this lil fire cracker :sausage :sausage: It didnt pull but its going to be awesome for pork borritos :yahoo: no smoke ring smoked thru. Great pop with with a good smokey flavor.
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    Congrats looks good!
  6. Maybe there wasnt enough fat in this lil guy to get it to pull but is it ever delicious. Its bigger brother is still smoking and the real big one is waiting in the deep freeza anticipating its turn. Ill be taking the one on the smoker mow to 205.
  7. This peice pulled beautifully, pulled at 205 wrapped and let set for 45, i now know what is meant by the poke test with the thermometer, I was all smiles when I moved the probe and felt the hot knife through warm butter feeling.
    It was a fun day with a lot of learning. Thanks SMF for all the info I have been gathering from all of you, made the day very enjoyable.:nana2:
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    Points! Great job! I like the creativity too! Looks like breakfast burrito candidate to me!!
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    First pork shoulder looks like a winner to me. Excellent! [​IMG]

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