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  1. This is my first pork shoulder. Put it when temp got about 235. I did rubbed down last night .
    Was wondering if anything I should do to while it smoking ex: sauce, also I put fat side up and trim the fat. This is actually my 2nd smoke. First were ribs not too good, anyway any help would great thanks.
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  2. I let my butts go the whole time with a dry chamber & no foil - I like bark too much  [​IMG]   Do you have a thermometer to check the IT of the butt after it's been on several hours?
  3. Well I have one I use when I deep fry a turkey, not sure how well that will work. So you smoke the whole time no foil?
  4. Yes I smoke the whole time with no foil - I like bark too much to sacrifice it to the foil  [​IMG]   If I am going to pull the pork I take it to an internal temperature (IT) of  195 - 205* I mostly shoot for 200* Once it hits that temp I wrap it in foil then wrap it in a couple towels & throw it in a cooler to rest for at least a half hour to an hour before pulling. To keep track of temps I use a Maverick ET-732 from here   It keeps track of both the smoker temp & IT of the meat & it works great! Here is a thread where I did a butt that shows the ET-732 probe   Any other questions just ask & have fun with your smoke  [​IMG]
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    [​IMG].....I used to foil them around 165ish....and if you are having a can help push thru that. I don't foil....and the bark is harder and darker.  Then I do foil and put into a cooler for a few hours.  Makes the pulling a bit easier...not as hot.

    The Mav is wonderful. Big Time recommend you getting one when you can.  Todd will fix you right up! 

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    I so exactly as Smokin B does. I used to run my smoker at 225-250, but now I run it at 165-275 for smoking butts.
  7. Thanks so for the tips. Here's a pic after 4 hour's
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    Looks great so far!

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    KEEP THE DOOR SHUT!!!! That's the only advise that hasn't been given. I have read somewhere that every time you open the door you add 15 minutes to your cook time. "If you're looking, it ain't cooking"
  10. I know, I know, but I wanted pics of progress for everyone. One question finishing sauce or not, during or after its cooked and if so what kind?
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    I use finishing sauce. Add it after its pulled. Put it in a little at a time till its to your liking. Search finishing sauce on here, there are some good ones. I have used soflaquers and chef Jimmy's both are great.
  12. Ok looking good, I think. Here is after 8 hours
  13. Looks like you're getting some really good bark  [​IMG]

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