First Pork Rib's, First Q'View

Discussion in 'Pork' started by squatch, Sep 2, 2013.

  1.  A successful first burn on the new smoker with chicken quarters gave me enough confidence to move on to some ribs!  [​IMG]

    After reading through a bunch of recipes and watching 23 pre-recorded episodes of BBQ Pitmasters I figured I had a good handle on things    [​IMG]

    I incorporated ideas from several sources that sounded like something I'd like to try including using the "2-2-1 Method"... I may not quite be ready to win a competition, but they turned out pretty darn good IMO!   [​IMG]

    Started out by prepping the 2 racks of St. Louis cut ribs by removing the membrane and rubbing them down.

    Rack #1 was rinsed, patted dry, and rubbed on both sides with a generous coat of "Babyback Rib Rub" from Cabelas, followed up by a light dusting of Hungarian Hot Paprika.

    Rack #2 was rinsed, patted dry, slathered with a coat of prepared yellow mustard, and then rubbed on both sides with a generous coat of "BJ's BBQ Rub" from Nevada BBQ Company, followed up by a light dusting of Hungarian HOT Paprika.

    Both racks were covered in plastic wrap and placed in the fridge for about an hour while I started to prepare the smoker.

    I used a combination of hard wood briquettes from Trader Joe's along with some hard wood lump charcoal (oak) and a couple fist-size chunks of applewood for additional smoke flavor, and set it up using the Minion method.

    Once the smoker temp's stabilized and were holding @ 225 I tossed the 2 racks on and gave them 2 hour's of smoke.

    At the 2 hour mark, I removed the racks from the smoker and gave them the "Texas Crutch" treatment (wrap in foil).
     Rack #1 got a fresh dusting of it's dry rub, a couple squirts of squeeze butter and about 1/4 cup of apple juice (3 apple blend).
     Rack #2 got the full "pitmasters" treatment using a coat of its dry rub, squeeze butter, Brown Sugar, drizzle of Agave Nectar, and a healthy drizzle of Tiger Sauce along with a bit of the apple juice blend as well!

    All wrapped up tight and ready for another 2 hours on the smoker @ 225

    Once I hit the 4 hour mark, I removed both racks from the foil and returned them directly to the smoker rack. Being that this was my first time crutching (and first time cooking ribs entirely on a smoker for that matter), I now realize that 2 hours is probably a bit too long in the foil for my preference and this type of rib cut as rack #1 was practically falling apart as I tried to pull it from the foil... for some reason rack #2 didn't seem quite as overcooked (not falling of the bone like #1). On the next batch I will likely cut the foil time to 1.5 hr and see how that goes. Rack #1 got brushed with a spicy sauce my buddy picked up from a local guy at a fleamarket called "House Of Justice BBQ - Spicey"  [​IMG] Hey, just because you can bottle a sauce doesn't mean you can spell!

    Rack #2 got a coat of my own modified version of "Bone Suckin' Sauce" to which I added 2 Tbsp Honey, 2 Tbsp Brown Sugar, and about a Tsp of 100% PAIN Hot Sauce!

    My buddy Travis had no complaints, and he actually preferred the fall off the bone texture of rack #1, although we both agree'd rack #2 had the best overall flavor (and I preferred the not so fall off the bone texture of #2)...

     Here's one last shot which is showing a rib from rack #2 and how nicely it bit through without falling apart... MMMMMMmmmm!!!

    Long story short, I still have plenty of room for practice, but I sure am enjoying cooking all this grubbin' food on my new smoker!   [​IMG]
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  2. woodcutter

    woodcutter Master of the Pit OTBS Member

    Nice pull back on those ribs!
  3. dockman

    dockman Smoking Fanatic

    They look grest!
  4. sqwib

    sqwib Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Dude I'm with you on the ribs foil time and texture.
    1 hour is more than enough time in foil especialy if running at 250°.
    I have been pulling my ribs between 5 hours 5.5 hours (trimmed spares and BB's)
    Great post ... well documented.
  5. venture

    venture Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Pull back looks right to me.

    I like my ribs dry and she likes hers wet, so we split the rack.

    I like a little "tug".  Many like the bone to fall out when you pick it up.  I still haven't figgerd that one out yet?

    Looks like you are on your way!

    Good luck and good smoking.
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    Those look outstanding, and its your first time? Two more times and you'll be ready for the circuit!
  7. Thanks a bunch for all the positive comments from everyone, I really appreciate that!

    ... yep, hard to imagine that up until now I had been baking my pork ribs in the oven until nearly done (about 2 hrs) and then finishing them off on a Weber kettle for another 30 min. or so just for a bit of tasty char and good caramelization!
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    Mmm...those look delicious, Squatch! Nice cook and nice post!

  9. disco

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    These are soooo much better than my first ribs. Great post with great Qview. Well done!

  10. dirtsailor2003

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    At least you weren't boiling them!!! Great looking ribs!
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  11. I didn't take any pix of the last rack's I smoked, but they turned out awesome!

    I followed the same procedure as above for the most part, with the exception of reducing foil time to 75 min... so @ 225*  it was actually "2-1.25-1.25" or 2 hours over direct smoke, 1hr&15min wrapped in foil, and then 1hr&15min back on the rack without foil... basting sauce and allowing it to caramelize during the last 15 min.

    The St Louis cut pork ribs were fully cooked, tender, juicy, and left a perfect bite hole without falling completely off the bone...

    Now I just need to dial in the perfect flavor combo's by continuing to experiment with various rub's and sauces or mops  [​IMG]
  12. Those look awesome
  13. ellymae

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    Looks good - how did you like them with all the butter and brown sugar etc at the end?
  14. They were very good IMO, every one complimented on them! I personally don't care for too much sweet flavor, and I don't think these were too sweet. The combination of Hungarian Hot Paprika, Tiger Sauce, and also using a spicy BBQ Sauce at the end really balances out the flavor...when you take a bite it start's out a little sweet, and then turns into a pleasantly spicy after-zing!

    In reality, ribs done this way really don't even need to be sauced at the end and I'm sure they would be good... I do like our's "wet 'n messy" though  [​IMG]
  15. Very nicely done!

    I always use the "squeeze butter" when foiling, but haven't tried some brown sugar yet.  I have also found that foiling for 2hrs. is a bit much for me, I like 1.5hrs. better.

    Thanks for the Qview!

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