First pork rib roast with qview

Discussion in 'Pork' started by wezol, Dec 28, 2013.

  1. wezol

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    Been a long time since I've posted here. Have been smoking still, just super busy.

    Anyway, I decided to do something new, wanted to do a slab of beef ribs, but HEB didn't have any that weren't already cut. Decided on a pork rib roast. The first pack smelled of silver and rotted eggs, assumed it was bad and took it back and exchanged it. Got home and it was the same way. Did some research, rinse it off real well and pressed on. Smoker is at 250 and plan in bringing it to 125. After I will slice it and then sear both sides. Anyone ever done this? Of course y'all have haha.

    Recommendations? Is 125 sufficient before searing? I don't want the searing to over cook the meat.

    Am also going a second round of no boil Mac. Did it a long time ago and I was a newbie (still kind of am) and used WAY too much mesquite. The Mac was horrible. This time I'm using pecan and I have dialed it in so now I keep a nice thin blue smoke.

  2. wezol

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    Throw some bacon on there cause Murica
  3. demosthenes9

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    125 is going to put you at just passed rare.   At that point, the thickness of the slices and how long you sear them for will be determinate of the final IT.
  4. wezol

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    I thought about that after I posted it and decided to bring it up to 138. It's off now (cooked quicker than I expected), and will do a quick sear in the cast iron after slicing. I actually may slice and sear half and keep the other half as is. Right now it's resting, I have the Mac and cheese still on the cooker.
  5. wezol

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    Here's so the almost final product. Waiting until the family is hungry before I sear the rib roast.

    Here is the Mac
  6. wezol

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    Turned out okay, not restaurant worthy.

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