First Pork Picnic in Mini

Discussion in 'Mini-WSM' started by garvinque, Aug 21, 2016.

  1. garvinque

    garvinque Meat Mopper

    So is my first attempt to do a 9lb Pork Picnic on the Mini:

    1. Using lump charcoal with 9 pieces of KBB to start.

    2. Using a combo of cherry and pecan woods.

    3. Using a commercial brand of seasonings.

    A few starter pics:

    More to come!
  2. smokinal

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    Good start!

  3. dirtsailor2003

    dirtsailor2003 Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Should be tasty. What happened your fire. Lump burns faster than KBB, so you may need to add more fuel part way through. If you do have some prelit and going. Pull the pot dump your ash, refill and replace the pot. You'll be amazed how little heat loss you'll have in the pot.
  4. garvinque

    garvinque Meat Mopper

    Thanks' for the Que info, hoping to put a few hours on it. The weather doesn't look good for a complete cook outdoors.
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  5. garvinque

    garvinque Meat Mopper

    So the load of lump and wood lasted 5.5 hrs before I added some more KBB about 8 not fully lit and dump on the existing lump.

    Here's a few more pics from this cook all the way to wrapping in foil.

    The Mini cruised between 250 to 260 for that 5.5 hrs, the next cook in it I will use some Kingsford Professional.

    Haven't had any yet, pulled and put in freezer for next weekend's NFL fantasy draft.

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