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  1. Followed Jeff' recipe and it turned out perfectly! Everyone really enjoyed it! My sauce made by Jeff's recipe and modified to suit our taste went to England from Texas after I won a small competition against 16 competitors! One of the judges took a quart home to England for the holidays. This site with Jeff at the wheel is invaluable for newbies like me!
    Thanks Jeff!!!!
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  2. Going to try Jeff's recipe tomorrow for New Year's Day. Any tips, or just follow the recipe? Oh, one question: did you use a temp probe, and if so, where did you place the probe?

    Thanks, got my fingers crossed!
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  4. Did our 16-rib crown roast New Year's morning.

    Prep: I bought my roast at a local butcher shop that's always done me right with pork; a 16-rib roast at $3.69 a pound, and a beauty.

    NYE afternoon, I brined it with Jeff's recipe from last week's email...except what I thought was a bottle of apple juice turned out to be white grape juice! Screw it, too late, just go with it. Dumped it all in a giant ziploc, and put it in the garage overnight (about 25° out there).

    NY Day at 9 AM, I drained it and rinsed it, patted it dry, and then slathered it with Maurice's Southern Gold sauce and dusted it good with a locally-produced rub, Curley's (Good stuff, it's Curlified). Loaded the smoker (Smokin' Tex) with Stubb's blend and a handful of extra apple wood chips, put in the roast, plugged in the Maverick probes, and set it to 230°. Had some eggnog and turned on the Mummer's Parade (a Philly tradition: a huge folk parade put on by amateur groups, bizarre and wonderful).

    Started making sides about noon, pork hit 140° at about 12:30 PM. I took it out, tented it, and kept cooking. When everything was ready, about 45 minutes later, I carved it, reassembled it, and served it up. VERY well-received: juicy, flavorful, tender. My ex-chef brother-in-law said it was excellent. Looking forward to doing it again next year!

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