First Pork Butt, what I learned from my experience.

Discussion in 'Pork' started by teedawg, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. teedawg

    teedawg Newbie

    Good morning all,

    New here and hoping to learn all that I can! I wanna show you my first smoked pork butt. And tell you what I think my mistakes are, and hopefully learn a little, plus get to know you all and not lurk any longer!

    My smoker is a master forge vertical charcoal smoker.

    Pork butt. 

    I chose a smithfield "cryopak" 4.7lbs pork butt. I know that the "cryopak" kind is not looked down upon very well. I did this to learn and not spend the extra money at my local butcher and end up ruining a nice cut of pork.

    Dry Rub.

    Brown Sugar 1Cup

    Salt 1tbls

    Pepper 1tbls

    Cayenne pepper 1tsp

    paprika 1tsp

    And I mixed in a generic pork rub that I found at a local farmers market. If any interest I will post pictures of the generic I found.

    BBQ Sauce was Big Al's KC Sauce.

    Mesquite wood chips were used and the charcoal was Cowboy natraul lump charcoal. I do not care much for the lumps so what is your preference for charcoal?

    Fired up the ole smoker and waited till a good moderate temp of 225ish came and held. 

    Tossed on pork butt

    This is where it became fun, much research and reading I found to cook at these temps from anywhere to 4 hours up till 10 hours. (Weight considering.)

    I "mopped" twice through the cook. The meat did stall. I toughed it out and yanked it at about 195. Let it rest in foil for aprox 4 or so hours also.

    I had one occurrence of the temps spiking but I was able to maintain control of the smoker.

    The results are below.

    Now this is what I learned.

    The bark was moist I feel as if it shouldn't have been. To much mopping?

    I also think I overcooked it.

    I only opened the lid three times during entire cook.

    I run out of water in the pan, so I refilled it, I think also the water is what kept the bark so moist, I am thinking of buying a bag of sand.

    All in all it was not that bad taste wise the bone pulled pretty well it was easy to shred but I know there is a lot more learning to do!

    Thanks for reading and insight! Just wanted to share my first experience. 

  2. ron eb

    ron eb Meat Mopper

    How was your temp control?

    If you wrapped it in foil that would cause the bark to get moist.

    If you want true bark you have to muscle through the stall unwrapped to the end.

    That just my opinion. Others will chime in. This site is great.

    That butt looks great to me, Bun please.
  3. teedawg

    teedawg Newbie

    Temp control actually went well for me with just one sudden spike to about 325. I was able to get it back down though fairly quickly. My wife thinks because I sat on the deck and stared at the smoker waiting patiently like a kid on christmas. 

    I actually never thought of the foil causing it to be so moist, thanks for the idea I wrote it in my "got to get better book" for the next go around. 

    And I love this site I have been reading and reading and reading! Now time to make a few posts.
  4. ron eb

    ron eb Meat Mopper

    I wrap at about internal temp of 165. Helps get through the stall.

    Then I put it in a 240 degree oven, now I don't have to tend to a fire and

    at that point it has taken as much smoke as I want it to. I add a little

    apple juice to the foiled pack to create a moist environment.

    Remove at IT of 200 wrap the foiled butt in a clean towel

    and put it in a cooler for one hour to let it rest. Then chow.

    I don't think you over cooked it.

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