First pork butt, w/ Q-View. Successfully smoked on WSM.

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    - Jeff's rub, Jeff's sauce, SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce.

    - 6.8lb butt. Yellow mustard + rub. Let sit in fridge overnight. 


    - Began at 7:30am using Minion Method. Near-full ring of charcoal (not overflowing), 1/4th or less chimney full of lit charcoal dumped over.

    - Brand new WSM that has yet to be seasoned, smoking on a windy day, so I had to baby the vents for the first few hours.
    - Smoked w/ natural charcoal lumps at 220-240 for ~8 hrs, occasionally spraying w/ apple juice.

    - First ~4+ hrs had steady wisps of white smoke as pictured above. Used three chunks of Wild Cherry and one chunk of Hickory from Smokinlicous. 
    - Temp was dropping down to ~210 at one point, despite all vents being open. It seems the charcoal lumps disintegrated fairly quickly. Perhaps I didn't put enough in. I was all out of lumps, so I threw in a couple handfuls of Kingsford briquettes and it raised the temp perfectly. 
    - Plateau was high 140s to high 150s. In order to ensure doneness that night: took it off smoker, placed it in aluminum foil pan, put in a cup or so of apple juice, covered w/ tin foil, placed in oven at 250 for another ~5 hrs 'till it hit 201.

    - Let rest, covered on counter, for 45m. 9pm by this point, couldn't wait longer.

    - Once rested, poured the drippings / apple juice from the pan into a bowl and placed in fridge overnight (too hungry to wait), to separate the fat out. Left with a gelatin that I'll try mixing in w/ leftovers. 


    - Applied SoFlaQuers finishing sauce. Not sure if I'm using it correctly, as I didn't taste much difference. I also found his recipe with GingerAle...but did not use that one. Not sure which is better. 

    - Portioned out and mixed w/ Jeff's Q sauce. 

    - Combined w/ North Carolina slaw + cheap white buns. Very nice.

    For my next smoke: 

    - I'd like to try a citrus-flavoured sauce as I've found this is my preference when attending Rib Fests. I've yet to find a recipe, though... 

    - I'd like to use a rub that contains no sugar. Found one in Gary Wiviott's Low & Slow book.

    - I'd like to try injecting the pork.

    - I'd like to avoid the oven altogether, to see if there's a difference.

    - I'd like to use Kingsford briquettes so the fire doesn't burn out, as it would be nice to leave this on overnight. 

    Thanks for all the help guys!
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    Looks great! For a citrus style marinade type Pernil into the search area here. That'll get you a few good links in the site. Pernil pork butt makes great Cuban style sandwees!
  4. Great job... way to break in that new smoker!
  5. That looks awesome!  Nice Job!

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