First Pork Butt Smoke with Mes 30 Gen 1

Discussion in 'Pork' started by 95stang50, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie

    I got a smoker for my birthday in January and due to the crappy IL weather today is my first time using it. I put an 8.0 Pork butt in this morning at 7:00am. We are having family over for dinner on Monday night so that is what it is for.

    Since I have plenty of time I am going to go low and slow. I am cooking at 225 until the IT. is about 200, going to pull it out wrap it in a towel and put it in a cooler for a few hours and then pull it and put in fridge for dinner tom night..

    I used "Jeffs" rub and applied it yesterday morning and let sit in fridge over night.


    I am using apple pellets in the AMazin pellet tray, but only used a little over two rows grandparents don't want big smoke flavor.

    I also made the finishing sauce that everyone talked about on here, thought since it was going in fridge overnight it may dry out a little.

    Couple questions.. what has everyone found works best to reheat the meat?

    Anything you guys see i'm doing wrong?

    I am going to open it about noon and stick meat probe in more pics then
  2. davidhef88

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    Looks like you are off to a great start.
  3. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie


    We are 5 and a half hours and an IT of 156. Looks good and smells amazing!!!
  4. Your off to a good start. Keep the pics coming. I vacuum seal it and reheat in the bag in a pot of water. You can also use a crockpot.

    Happy smoken.

  5. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie

    14 hours in.... IT at 190.... so hard not to open it up and take a peak... but I know the end is near... how long do I need to foil. heres what Im thinking.. The time change losing hour of sleep is not helping me here.. hope its done around another hour and put me at 10 foil for 2 hours in towel and cooler, or will it be alright all night in foil and cooler or is that to long
  6. foamheart

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    I would take it to 203+ then the old toothpick test. I like to reheat mine in a crock-pot. Low heat and since it uses no added moisyure you'll not lose any.  Adjust the finishing sauce when its warm tomorrow. I put the warm BBQ sauce in a bowl next to the crock pot or in one of the squirt bottles. Works great.

    Don't go over board with the finishing sauce. you don't want it reconized. You want it to taste unbelieveable, you don't want it to taste like you added spices to it.

    I don't use foil, I just cover mine with a dish towel and leave it on the counter over night. If you pull tonight, add a little sauce ziplock in the reefer till tomorrow.

    OH and thats a great looking job you did. Really good planning and excutation!  [​IMG]
  7. Looking Good

  8. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie

    There it is... Turned out great going to put in crock pot around noon with its juices I saved and heat it up for dinner.

    Thanks everyone
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  9. bearcarver

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    Looks Great, Stang!!![​IMG][​IMG]

    You did an excellent Job!![​IMG]-----------------[​IMG]

    One thing:  Get something under that smoker (about 2' high)-----My back is hurting just looking at the pics!!

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  10. I'm with Bear   [​IMG]     [​IMG]     [​IMG]

  11. 95stang50

    95stang50 Newbie

    Thanks guys. Served it tonight. Needless to say my whole family loved it. I landed my self about 50 to 60 lbs to cook for my mom's 50th bday party in June lol. Question is now what next... Thinking maybe a loin.. yes I definitely need to get it up off the ground.
  12. Be sure and post pics

  13. bearcarver

    bearcarver Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    Here's a whole bunch of things you can smoke with that MES----In Step by Step form:

    Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".

  14. foamheart

    foamheart Smoking Guru OTBS Member SMF Premier Member

    Great job...... you might check around here for some things to do with those left overs, we can be pretty inventive and you know they are delicious. 'Course the first butt you just can't sto eating....

    Again Great job!

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