First 'Pork Butt' in MES Analog (Aus)

Discussion in 'Pork' started by trentan, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. My wife was out at the butcher's, and I know I probably should have gone to explain more clearly the appropriate cut.... but... it didn't work out too bad.

    I gave her a list saying "Pork Scotch - Boston Butt"

    She ended up coming home with 'easy carve Shoulder'. Basically like a pork butt, but, tied up with the bone and sinews removed (so the fat was scored to make crackling and easy to roll and tie up)  .

    I've rubbed it tonight (with a yellow mustard and a basic dry rub recipe) and can't wait to do my first major smoke tomorrow.

    Plenty of pics to follow!

    Also, seeing as though I'm addicted to this site, I also made a dipping and mopping BBQ sauce (using ketchup for sale at Woolworths... never would have seen any ketchup in Australia 5 years ago in Woolies or Coles <mainly Tomato Sauce>, now they are making their own brand!) 

    There were a few things we can't readily get here, (like celery seed, only celery salt, same with onion powder) but then again... it might be up to me to go searching in the right places.

    And I purchased a king of the cut board and jerky gun from Cabelas.

    On, On to the smoking!

    Letting the 'Butt' marinade in the rub overnight and will start the low and slow 10 hour journey tomorrow!
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    I am sure it will be fine. My first attempt was tough as boot leather . Smoked it 14 to 16 hours at 275 in my 40 MES. Second attempt was very tender, ask hubby to smoke using the 3 2 1 rule. And he did it his way, he wrapped the butt in foil for 6 hours and then took it out and left it on the rack for 2 more hours all at 225. Like I said very tender but lacked  the wonderful smoke flavor.
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    Greenrn, from what I have learned so far I think you smoked that butt at too high of a temp and at that temp probably too long. Usually most people do them right around 225°F. The 3-2-1 method was developed for and is used on spare ribs. How much did that butt weigh? Eight hours don't sound like it's a long enough time. You should be going by the internal temp of the butt not the length of time in the smoker to determine when it's done. I usually foil at 165° IT and pull off the smoker at 205° IT for PP. If you haven't purchased one yet, you should look into buying a quality remote digital thermometer for your MES.... the factory temp sensors are off, some way off.
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  4. I'm only guessing, but I would say you should smoke it like a butt. Are you planning to slice or pull it? I'm sure someone with lots more experience than I will be along shortly. Just remember, patience and time. The meat will be done when it's done. I did an 11 lb butt that took 28 hrs.
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     X2...Too Hot Too Long! Unless that sucker was in the 10-12LB range, that time and temp will just make a giant lump of Pig Jerky, as you found out.

    For everyone interested, this is some great info on Pulled Pork...JJ

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