first pork butt in mes 30 & amnps

Discussion in 'Pork' started by ovoxo, Jan 16, 2016.

  1. First time smoking anything in my new mes 30. In at 939pm set at 225. Its 6 degrees outside. Got the tray 1.5" out and the chip chute pulled out 1\4 of the way.. Smokin good right now! Next check at midnight!
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    Sounds like a great plan - I love the all nighter smokes - don't have to worry too much about if its going to be done on time when it's already been in for 12hrs at 9:30am! Nice.

    What IT are you shooting for?

    Show us some pics when shes done!
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  3. Shooting for 200 IT I think..
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    I agree with Phil, 205 is what I shoot for. At that temp the bone will pull right out clean. Don't use forks to pull it. Use your hands & keep the chunks big. Good luck!

  6. 8:25am at 190 degrees.. Amnps burned all the way thru.. Just 15 more degrees.. Trying to decide whether to stick it in the oven.. Or not.
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    It doesn't matter how you finish it now your smoker or the oven both will be fine.
  8. So its still sticky but the bone is gonna come out clean.. I'm used to having to finish in the oven, so that's what I'm gonna do. My oven thermometer goes up to 195 and it was at 190.. So in it goes at 225 for at least an hour. Then rest for an hour, 11am lunch time perfect!
  9. Well, buried the gauge on the thermometer, let it set for 1/2 hour. Ate. Things I noticed: Bark wasn't as crusty as my charcoal upright. I can live with that. Wife said it had a slight bitter aftertaste and not as good as the 'Christmas' butt I've been fixin for the last couple years. She said it wasn't as moist (I usually fill the water pan on the charcoal burner and didn't fore this one). I need to order more pellets.. Gonna do jerky and cheese and more pork, any suggested flavor? I'm thinking more hickory, but the blends are sounding good too. Opinions?
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    I have used apple and pecan both with great results.

  11. Lol I tried doin pics, won't let me i don't think..

    I guess another thing I did differently.. Usually when I started on the charcoal it ALWAYS shot up over 350~° when I started, that may have burned/seared the dry rub and sealed the juices in, also I always pulled it out and I wrapped it at 4 hrs in the oven to finish cuz I got flustered every time with the charcoal. Today was on for 11 in the smoker and wrapped for 1. Probably why the wife thought it was dry. Now I have a lot of pork to eat.. Then try again!

    And fwiw dry rub is half famous Dave's ribrub and half tutbinate sugar, injected with apple juice before smoke.
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