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  1. So im doing two pork butts, 8lbs each, for a party on saturday afternoon.  i have a new cajun injector electric smoker i have never used before.  In face, i have never hot smoked anything, only cold smoked.   Any words of advice for the newbie?  Nothing can be to basic for me im sure. i have looked on here and there is a lot of great advice but some of it i dont understand because im new to the lingo.  I was not going to inject it, because it seems like most people say not to, and i have some great rub at home from a friend.  I was going to smoke at 225 and use an electronic probe in each butt.  I cant find this for sure anywhere, but you do put the fat (i assume this is the cap) side down, right?  Also, can i put the probe in the meat when i start or should i wait?  I read a lot of places its not safe to.  I have really no clue how long it will cook, a lot of places say 60-90 minutes per pound, but i dont know if thats total pounds of just for the biggest one.  So like i dont know if thats 60 minutes X 8lbs or 60 minutes X 16 lbs.  I know it will vary greatly, but im just trying to figure out when to start so we can eat at five.  Or should i just smoke it friday and reheat in the oven on saturday?  Lastly, i was going to smoke til the internal temp is 165, then wrap it in foil until its 195-200.  Does all this sound good?  Any help at all is greatly appreciated.

    you guys are my secret weapon to impress all my friends!!  thanks again!
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    keep it simple for your 1st smoke...

    do not inject...0-140 degree issue will come into play

    cover the shoulder's with a light coat of yellow mustard to help the dry rub stick

    heat smoker to 225 and use what ever wood you would like for smoke..i like mesquite and apple mix for pork shoulders

    as for fat cap up or down..its up to you...a lot of people do cap up so the fat can self baste as it cooks

    put the temp probes in, about 4 hours into your smoke

    figure about an hour and a half per will hit a stall, that some times seems to take for ever to pull out of

    take to internal temp of 165...double foil and back into your smoker til 200-205 internal temp...pull out and wrap in some old towels and place in a cooler for a few will continue to cook internal wise...pull out and save the juice..pour into a container and place in the fridge til the fat seperates..slide the bone out of the shoulder and give to your dog for a special treat after it cools and start to seperate (pull) 

    chef JJ has an awesome finish sauce to go with it

    good luck and happy 4th
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  3. Should I smoke in a pan or right on the grate? Should I just put water in the drip pan or something else?
  4. Oh and 1.5 hours times eight or times 16 for total weight? Thank you so much for the help and a happy fourth to you as we'll!!!
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    Pork Butt is very forgiving and a great teaching cut for learning your Smoker. The outlne above is a good guide and you'll do fine that way.

    The only thing I can add is to be Patient , and when your target temp. is reached , wrap and rest , then enjoy...[​IMG]

    Have fun and as always . . .
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    Right on the grate. I prefer a dry smoke chamber so I fill my water pan with sand and cover with foil. I smoke all my butts with a smoke chamber temp of 265* and cook until the IT is 205*. I do not foil my butt during the smoke. Once it reached an IT of 205* I take it off the smoker, foil it and let it rest for 45 minutes to a hour, then pull and apply my finishing sauce. I do not use mustard or oil I just rub my rub on directly.
  7. smoke it right on the grate for at least 6 hrs to get smoke flavor all the way in.  Some people will put them in an Al Pan, with a cup of apple juice and cover it with foil after 6-8 hrs.  It is more moist that way, but not as smoky.  Pork does not over absorb smoke like Brisket can.

    Base your time on the individual piece weight - so 1.5 hrs times 8, not 16.  You are looking at the cooking time for that size piece of meat.
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    x8. It takes the same amount of time to cook 1 butt as it does more. Always take your heaviest weight and use that as the base. I like to figure 2hrs per pound just to be safe if I am serving it on the same day as the cook. My last two  9lb. butts took 20 hours!
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    I am in the 2 hr per pound camp also. seems mine always stall and I do not foil as we love the bark.  As you are doing two. maybe foil one and not the other and have a little side by side
  10. So I started the smoker last night, figuring that it would take about 16 hours.  I have an AMNPS as well, forgot to mention that.  Anyways, I set an alarm and woke up 6 hours in.  I had to put them on different racks, they are too big to put side by side.  Anyways, my AMNPS is out of pellets after six hours.  Should I add more pellets and keep putting smoke on it, or does it have enough smoke on it already???
  11. How much smoke do you like?  It's a personal thing.  Add more and change that next time if too smoky.  Keep Smokin!

  12. It is probably too late for this time...

    6 hrs is my minimum amount of time to add smoke flavor.  As Danny said - it is really a matter of taste.  After 6 hrs you will have a good smoke flavor.  More gives more smoke flavor.  Pork is pretty forgiving on smoke - it is almost impossible to over smoke pork.  Beef absorbs smoke much faster, and you can over smoke beef, especially if you are using a strong flavor work like Mesquite.

    - Dave
  13. i just wanted to thank everyone for their help, it turned out amazing. i ended up smoking it for another 3 hours or so, and it ended up taking nearly 20 hours to get to 200 IT, but it turned out awesome! Thanks again to everyone. I also made some awesome deer that ill put in a different post.

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