first pork butt for pulled pork with Q view for Daytona 500

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  1. Hi great group here I am learning a lot new to the smoking meat game. But loved every thing I have done . This is my first pork butt for pulled pork. Also first post hope I do this write here we go .
    Night before nice rub down.
    1100 pm time to start the smoker
    It's 12 degrees out going to run at 220 for how ever long it takes..
    OK after about 5 hours 12 beers 5 shots of jack and play card with the family well all kids were sleeping.
    Hit 165 pulled dropped in pan with drippings and covered with foil.
    OK 10 am hit 205 internal temp going let stand.
    OK 1 pm got pull before race starts
    Bone pulled out with two fingers.
    Pulled and ready sauce as you like . It was so good and moist.
    I used some tips from couple posts on here and it great.
    Also love my Maverick et- 733 works great .
    my cheap charbroil vertical charcoal smoker works great .
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  2. oldschoolbbq

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    Good looking cook . Not much beats Pulled Pork ,except Brisket... [​IMG]
  3. b-one

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    Nice looking pp! If you haven't tried a finishing sauce check them out with the search feature.
  4. waterinholebrew

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    Wow, nice job ! The Great American Race & Q, toss in a few cold ones & :yahoo: !

    Nice PP !

    BTW, if you like your "cheap Charbroil vertical charcoal smoker" & it kicks out the Q you like.... then you have an awesome smoker ! Some of the greatest Q has come off one of them "cheap smokers" ! If it works for you.... Thumbs Up

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  5. Looks Great,   nice job.   [​IMG]

  6. Looks great from here.. [​IMG]

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