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  1. Well, needed to try a pastrami today as I haven't had a pastrami sandwich in a long time and the posts about them have got my mouth watering. Picked up a small corned beef just over 2 pounds to try.  I was going to go back this morning and get another one, but thanks to the battery in my car deciding to crap out, I have been stuck at home all day.  Soaked it this morning for a few hours and rubbed it down with yellow mustard.  Covered it with pickling spice, black pepper and garlic powder and it just went in the smoker.  I'll post some more pics when it comes out.

    After the soak.


    After the rub.

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    Waiting . . .  [​IMG]

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    Is it done yet???  [​IMG]
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  6. 3 and a half hours in, IT is at 153 degrees.  Going to bring it up to around 205 as this is my first one.  Lots of posts regarding the IT so figured this will be the safe one, for texture, to shoot for.  Read several posts about wrapping it in foil not sure if I should attempt to do this or just let it go the entire time as it is right now.
  7. Stinks that the car wasn't running today as I found out it would not start while I was leaving to go to a long time friend's farm.  He purchased the farm from his father a couple years back and converted it to a beef operation.  Since then he has started raising pigs and turkeys as well and has been selling the meat for a while now and it appears that his business has really taken off.  He was sending a pig to the slaughterhouse this week and he said he would have them save the pork belly for me, as the rest of the pig was going to be made into sausage.  I was going to inquire about getting brisket from him today, but guess it will have to wait until next week.  New battery is on the list of things for tomorrow.
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    Since it's a flat cut, you may want to wrap it in foil at 165-170 with a little bit of water or beef broth. It will keep it from drying out.
  9. Finally finished last night at 11:45 PM.  Here are some pics this morning.  Will wrap next time as it was a little dry but taste is great.  Thanks guys.


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    It looks real good, except it looks like you sliced it with the grain which would make it chewy.
  11. I did go with the grain I will go against the grain next time.  Finally got home and just finished my first sandwich, it was great, even with going with the grain, it wasn't too bad.  I've had much worse at restaurants.

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