first pastrami, will not be the last one for sure!!!

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  1. once again I want to thank everyone that has posted their thoughts, ideas and results on here. My first pastrami turned out as perfect as it could be . . I am going to hit stores tomorrow and look for some sales...

    I started this last night after I got done with my Chuckie, added a few pecan and apple pellets to my AMNPS, I left the hickory pellets in there, figured it had about another hour or so of them before the pecan and apple where used . . . soak the corn beef for a few hours, applied EVOO, rubbed with course ground gourmet peppers, McCormick Montreal Steak seasoning, garlic powder . . . 

    MES 30 set at 210, smoked until IT was at 165. increased smoker temp to 235 put in a foil pan, added just a few tablespoons of apple juice and beer, covered and continued to smoke until IT was at 195. FTC for almost 2 hours (I fell back asleep). pulled and put on new foil and placed in the frig . .  sliced up today, by the way everyone hovered around and was dodging my knife they must of liked it also . . not sure if there will be enough for sandwiches  :)



    Pastrami at 165 IT


    195 IT, ready for FTC


    I welcome any thoughts or ideas
  2. werdwolf

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    First try?  That looks pretty darn good for a first attempt.

    Got some of my own finishing now, and hope it looks as good as yours.
  3. alblancher

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    Looks great, thanks for the Qview.
  4. if you followed the advise of everyone here it will be just as good . . . the Dudestami was the most helpful advice . .  thanks Dude!!

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