First Pastrami w/Q-view

Discussion in 'Beef' started by hokiesmokie, Jul 18, 2009.

  1. hokiesmokie

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    At my request, my wife picked up a cut of corned beef so I could try my first pastrami. Unfortunately, the piece of beef was not very big at about three pounds, and had a big layer of fat running right through the center. So I thought I would go ahead with the attempt, figuring if it turned out poorly, no big loss.

    I soaked the corned beef overnight in water to remove excess salt. I changed the water about six times over 18 hours.

    I made a rub with coriander, CBP, kosher salt, brown sugar, paprika, dry mustard, white pepper, and garlic. Here's the corned beef with rub applied:

    Smoked it for about 6 hours at 220-235* over lump charcoal and apple wood. Pulled it at 195* internal and foiled, wrapped in towels, and let it sit in a cooler for a couple of hours. Let it cool before slicing. Here's the finished product:

    Poured some of the juices that ran out back over the sliced pastrami to make sandwiches:

    It actually came out pretty well. I split it in half lengthwise along the big layer of fat, and trimmed a lot of the fat off. So, I ended up with two pieces resembling pastrami "tenderloins." Sliced them up thinly and made sandwiches, some with provolone and dijon mustard, and some with sauerkraut, thousand island, and swiss, Reuben style. Made really good sammies on rye bread!!!

    I'd like to try this again with a larger and better hunk of meat -at least five pounds of corned beef flat cut.
  2. beer-b-q

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    How was the taste? I have never tried to make Pastrami myself but may put it on the TO DO list.
  3. pignit

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    I think Corned Beef is one of those things that really vary. I have to say that the ones I've fixed have been really good to slap your momma off the wall good. I've never had one that made me not want to smoke another one. I've also found that the flavor intensifies in the fatty part of the pastrami after it cools. I love the flavor and I never trim mine anymore. Strami seems to be the meat the last week or so. I think once you start making these things it's really hard not to pick a few up when they are on sale. I have a whole packer in the fridge right now and I'm going to do my first corned beef from scratch.
  4. billbo

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    Boy that looks good! Great job on your first attempt![​IMG]
  5. fire it up

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    Congrats on your first strami smoke Hokie.
    It just doesn't get any better than home smoked pastrami.
  6. shooterrick

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    Has been on my list for a while. Guess I need to get movin on it. Yum!
  7. the dude abides

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    Dang Hokie, nice job. Looks like this was the weekend for pastrami.

    [​IMG]for your first pastrami smoke.
  8. oneshot

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    That pic with the juices made my mouth water!!![​IMG]
    Great job!!![​IMG]
  9. scubadoo97

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    Nice looking pastrami. For best results remember to slice these against the grain

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