First overnight pork butt

Discussion in 'Pork' started by yardbird, Aug 25, 2013.

  1. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    Still in the smoker. Q-View in a bit. This was about a 6 pound butt. Best Odds rub (I like it simple). Never done an overnighter before, but I've gotten fairly used to my Smoke Hollow gasser (after 2 seasons using it) and felt pretty confident. I put the meat in the smoker about 8pm. Hickory and apple mix for smoke. Smoker temp holding steady at 223 according to Maverick. No meat probe until later. Went to bed at 10:30. Up about 2:30 to pee and check temps. Smoker had dropped to about 213. It was 75 degrees ambient when I started and got down to 49 last night so I kinda expected it would drop some.

    Got up at 6 and checked. Smoker at 220. Stuck the meat probe in. Meat at 158. Tickled the temp up just a twitch...

    7am and smoker temp is 235 and stable. Meat at 165.

    I have no reason to try to hurry this through a stall or anything so I'm not foiling it. Looking forward to a good bark.

    This is FAR more relaxing than getting up at 4am, and still having to push through a stall because people are passing out from hunger and the meat is late. :)

    And... I'll be able to give it some proper rest time before pulling.

    Q-View will go up when I pull it out to rest. :) Back yard smells awesome this morning. heheheh
  2. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    Sweet. Sounds like a plan. I think that is exactly the right plan! Gotta get some q-view up. And please turn up the backyard q smell, so we can check it out. 

    I thought it got cold at my house last night (59) but you beat me by 10. 
  3. charcoal junkie

    charcoal junkie Smoking Fanatic

    What smoker you cooking on and what wood you using for smoke?
  4. pssst (might want to re-read the original post)...  "Smoke Hollow gasser" "Hickory and apple mix for smoke"  [​IMG]
  5. geerock

    geerock Master of the Pit SMF Premier Member

    I believe he said a smoke hollow gasser and hickory and apple mix for smoke.

    EDIT. bama bbq beat me to it.
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  6. charcoal junkie

    charcoal junkie Smoking Fanatic

    Sorry long night cooking.
  7. flash

    flash Smoking Guru OTBS Member

    I'd had just got up early that morning and banged it out, instead of getting up several times a night. Warmer out too. 6 lber......9 hours. Guess it does depend on what time you are putting dinner on.
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  8. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    Only got up once... and had to pee anyways, so.... not like I was getting up every hour or 2 to check. 9 hours? I'm 13 hours in and meat temp is 174. Smoker temp 235 (It went up some when the sun came up). Maybe if I cooked it at 275 I could push it to 9 hours, but this one is low and slow and goin' long. And I'm in no hurry, which I think is the best part. Nobody droolin' on me with plate in hand waiting for food. :)

    OK... 'cept maybe Darby (one of my dogs) ... seems he's ALWAYS hungry
  9. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    OK, 14 hours in and .... stall... :)

    Smoker temp is still 230, but the meat temp has DROPPED 3 degrees (to 171)

    I've lived through stalls before but this is my first one where the meat dropped temp. I know it happens just from reading other posts on here, but it's a first experience for me. Interesting to watch and also interesting to not be in a panic because dinner's gonna be late.. heheheh.

    So far the most enjoyable part of this overnight smoke has been how relaxing it is. Normally when I've waited out the stall, it seems the meat temp rises pretty fast on the other side of the stall. For now.... I'll go back out to my woodworking shop and putter around building a new easel. No worries... this feels great.
  10. seenred

    seenred Smoking Guru Group Lead OTBS Member

    Sounds good...with no foil you're gonna get a real nice bark.  Looking forward to seein' the Qview.

  11. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    16 hours

    Meat temp sitting at 172 for a little over an hour now. It had got up to 174 and then dropped and stopped :)

    Smoker temp 232 so that's remained pretty steady.

    I'm running out of stuff to do in the meantime... ahahahhaa
  12. bobank03

    bobank03 Smoking Fanatic

    Don't worry it will push through. Have another cold beverage!
  13. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    17 hours

    Meat 181

    Smoker 235

    This butt isn't that big. Really taking its time though. hehehe
  14. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    I wish.... I've been working in my wood shop, building a new easel. Running power equipment. So no adult beverages until all danger of losing the digits that HOLD said beverages has passed.


    I SOOOoooo wanna open the smoker and peek. It's only been opened once. That was about 7 hours ago when I stuck the meat probe in. Hope it doesn't fall apart in my hands when I'm trying to get it out of the smoker :)
  15. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    Sounds like everything is in order! I'm still too paranoid to do an overnight smoke!
  16. cliffcarter

    cliffcarter Master of the Pit Group Lead OTBS Member

    17 hours and you're still cooking a 6 pound butt sounds like quite an adventure, are you sure that the temp probe is not too near the bone? That can give you a false temp reading. Experiences like yours are why I cook all butts around 300°, no "stall", no worries about being done on time and no losing sleep(although you've got that one covered with the gasser).
  17. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    See what ya done? Now I want to go out and move the temp probe! :)

    Good thing I'm not in a hurry, huh?
  18. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    OK, moved the temp probe. Actually checked a couple places. It's at about 185 now. Almost 18 hours in.

    Keep in mind this ran at under 220 for quite a while over night.

    When you do them at 300 how long does it take? I mean, do you shorten the cook time enough to just start in the morning and have it for dinner for sure?
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  19. smokeusum

    smokeusum Smoking Fanatic

    I usually do mine at 250 and an 8.5# takes me 10-12 hours to get to my target temp of 205. I have only recently starting foiling, but not a full Texas Crutch to get past the stall. I now live & die by the Blonder Theory. I foil at at 165-ish, unfoil at 185. His findings and theory best explain what the stall is, how to push through it and still ending up with a great bark and ending up with a butt that's doesn't taste like its been in a crockpot... You've got a few, so take a moment to read this (Edited: No off site links allowed....Terms of Service)
    And hang in there, resist the urge to bump up your temp too much, you've come this far!!!
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  20. yardbird

    yardbird Meat Mopper

    I know patience is a virtue and all that, but seriously? I'm closing in on 19 hours and still sittin' at 183. Like it stalled around 170 and now again at 183. After I moved the Maverick's probe around a couple places, I went in and got another meat thermometer, and it agrees with the Maverick. So I'm ruling out a therm/probe malfuntion and just going with the flow..... actually more like a trickle.

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