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  1. Well I finally created a smoker. I recently turned forty and decided the only way to go would be by smoking a pig. Here's the pictures of my creation. I used this site for a bunch of info so I wanted to share my journey, which isn't completed
  2. Pictures?

  3. So here is the original tank that i opened with a sawzall

    The inside still had oil so i was able to dispose of it by solidifying it with wood chips and sand

    Next to remove the oil i cleaned out with Dawn, figures it saves penguins

    During a yard cleanup i was able to find a smoker that someone was disposing of, after removing the racks i figured it would make a perfect fire box

    Legs were tricky so i used the original footing holes and created a harness with cast iron piping

    Attached the doir and noticed a gap. I used the chain to pull the front of the tank back and insulated the doors with fiberglass tape.

    It isn't the prettiest girl at the dance but overall cost to me was under $300.00. The pig i did for my party was 133# dressed and cooked for 16 hours. For heat i used covered tin chaffing pans with charcoal. I liked having the ability to shift the heat during cooking so that the whole pig woukd finish at the same time

    In the future I'm going to weld some cross joints to have the ability to slide the hog out easier. Today i made a brisket and it was awesome, I'm looking forward to doing some bluefish later in the week
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    Nice job with the build!

    How did the pig turn out?

  5. Pig was great, being able to move the heat was key. I wanted it to all come to 180 so it would work as pulled pork. Of course the shoulders took the longest
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    Great use of what you had! And now you can enjoy tasty food!

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