First Mods (of many to come) on a char-broil off set

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  1. My first mods for this baby.  I plan more but have to order parts.  This is my stack extention:


    Here I sealed every part of my firebox.  I also have tried to make my own gaskets on the end door put I am waiting for it to cure.  Dont know if it will work but I can always scrap it off and try RTV gaskket maker or something. 

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    Looks good!
  3. I have that same smoker. Why the exhaust baffle extension? I haven't used

    mine yet so I'm going to follow along. I want my Char-Broil to be top notch.

    Please keep posting mods and tell why...thanks...James
  4. looks good, keep us posted
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  6. What did you use to seal up the firebox?

    The reason for the stack extension down to the grate level is so the smoke has to come down to the grate level before it exits. Gives the meat more exposure to smoke. Without the extension the smoke just goes up an out without going over the meat first.
  7.  [​IMG]

    Home Depot 5.97 but I found out that its water soluble.  So if it ever rains here in Vegas, I will have to try something else. 
  8. Next Mod.  Charcoal basket.


    Here is what it looked like.  I just had it sit on the bowed rack that it came with so there was about 4" of clearance.  Besides a couple cut fingers, it was really easy to make and besides the 24 x 24 expanded metal, I used (2) nuts, washers and bolts to insure that it wouldn't come apart. 

  9. I was in Home Depot the other day looking at the sealant you used. I

    was concerned about the water soluble issue as it rains daily here in

    SW Florida. Couldn't find anything else that might take the heat though.

    I like the coal basket, although I don't have any metal bending tools, I

    think I can still get it done. My only thought going forward is that I want

    to get the a-maze-n and don't know where to put it.

    Would it go under the basket?

    Thanks for the update Vegas, I'm taking notes and getting my list ready...James
  10. I thought about the rain too.  I think if it fails, i will try the automotive RTV sealant.  That's my plan B. 

    As for the bending tools.  God gave them to you.  I used a sawz-all and my hands.  I would wear gloves next time.  LOL.  Ill give you the dimensions if your going after it......

  11. Please, I am going to make one for mine and if you have them handy, thanks...James
  12. I sent you a PM.  Let me know.
  13. If you wouldn't mind, I would like the dimensions as well. I just bought the same smoker today.
  14. it also is not food grade
  15. I kind of like tasting my food without extra whatever
  16. on the factory grate in the fire box, get to chunks of rod about 2 inches longer than the grate and hose clamp them to the outer edges leaving an inch xtra on each side. it will raise the grate up a some to allow better airflow and more area for the ash to rest.
  17. do not use any galvanized pipe it contains zinc and is carcinigin when burned
  18. MrMiyagi,

    It is kind of hard to understand just what your comments are addressing at times. As to the galvanized pipe. I know that if it is heated to a given temperature it will produce a toxin. But using it as an exhaust pipe on a smoker. I have to wonder if it will reach that temperature. but I regress and have to ask if anyone would want to chance this. Even though the toxic gases would most likely be drawn out away from the meat. It would still be a possible hazard to those around your smoker.

    Question: is exhaust pipe for cars galvanized or something else? Got mine at Meineke auto shop.

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