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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by tirrin, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. tirrin

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    So, i read the forum 20/20 Charcoal Basket...and i went ahead and made one...and is posted, it is indeed very easy to make..i had to bend/work mine a little more to get it to fit properly in my Chargriller SFB, but with some washers bolts and nuts it should easily fit on the racks and be ready to hold some heat :)

    its about a 12x12x6..i also bent the tops down to help prevent from cuts..

  2. Good start. What's your next mod? You can't stop at just one. [​IMG]
  3. tirrin

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    next will either be a couple of thermometers installed at grate level or the dryer hose attachment to the chimney..after that...oven hose around the main chamber...
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    OK now smoke something to see how it works! [​IMG]
  5. personally, I would forgo the grate level therms and invest in a quality digital thermometer with multiple probes.  When I installed grate level therms they would sometimes hit the meat if I was cooking a lot of food, thus rendering them useless.  They were short 2-3" thermometers.  At least with a digital probe stuck in a block of wood, you can move it around so it won't be in the way.

    If your smoker has a spot up high (in the place everyone says is so horrible), you might replace it with a decent thermometer, then use your digi-probe in various spots inside your smoker and simply calculate how hot your smoker is.  Then you can just use the dial therm as quick check.  I don't know if that makes sense or not...

    The dryer hose is a cheap and easy mod.  Well worth the few bucks and time to install.
  6. dlr1

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    I used to have a modified Chargriller w/sfb.I liked the extended exhaust it helps draw the heat and smoke under the grates a little more instead of straight up to the hood.I never did the additional therms because I liked the ease of the digital which allowed me to monitor the temps from somewhere besides in front of the smoker.You may aslo notice that the side closest to the sfb will be considerably hotter by as much as maybe 45 degrees,try flipping the charcoal tray upside down and pushing it against the wall,you can either hang it with the hangers that came with it or use the grates from the sfb to support it which can reduce the temp difference to about 10-15 degrees .Of course if you do it that way you'll want to have something for your basket to set on,you can fix that by getting two pieces of angle iron and cut them down to where they jam into the curve of the sfb just above the ash drawer.
  7. tirrin

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    i put four 5/16x1 1/2'' bolts on the sides of the basket to hold it up on the angle iron used to hold up the racks in the sfb, and my main chambers ashpan is flipped atm...i had some old dryer vent tubing laying around but i think my wife thru it away..

    as far as the therms about to have a baby and ill have no extra money for those parts..oh well..maybe ill get lucky and come across a good deal..
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    good luck setting up your smoker.....great tips guys
  9. dlr1

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    Tirrin, you're about to have a baby !!  did you say you were about to have a baby !!! [​IMG]   Man once the media gets ahold of that you shouldn't have any trouble affording the therms,it's usually the wife who has the baby. [​IMG]   Congratulations !!

  10. tirrin

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    lol smartass...thanks for the overbearing excitement there..try and catch your wife is pregnant and we are due in 3 weeks..
  11. dlr1

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    I'm glad you took it in the fun it was intended. Is this your first? Jeez,mine's almost 30 now,man time flies. Once again,CONGRATULATIONS
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  13. tirrin

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    yes our baby will be our first..which means daddy has to get good at smoking so our daughter will be eating right..and this is why im at this website :) to talk with and learn from all the fine ppl who help newbs like myself out
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