First Mini build for me. "Kickin' Wing"

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  1. I am finally ready to make a WSM Mini for myself. I built one for a friend of mine that has been cooking everything on a Smokey Joe(The guy is good at it for sure). That thing in the back is ambiance only. His only problem was he could not smoke anything. SO I whipped this up for him very fast.

    Well since that day I have not been able to shake the idea of a dedicated wing smoker. I love wings and somehow always run out of room to make a big enough batch during a BBQ. The smoker is always busy and who wants to keep lifting the top grate for wings underneath or vice versa. I can do them on the kettle but who has time to sit and watch and flip when there is beer to be consumed, and time with family and friends to be had. With scar-belly's so good and so easy to cook(just set it and...."Forget it!") I decided this Friday would be the day. Went out and got the items needed. Found two old, retired before their prime, Smokey Joes at my mom's house a few months back so that is covered. 

    Continued on next post....
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    Can't go wrong with a mini! I bet it won't be a dedicated wing smoker long! So easy to use that you'll be smoking everything in it!
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    I am awaiting the parts for mine and will follow this. 


  4. Okay, my biggest concern is how to get multiple easy to insert/remove racks into position without the pesky screws getting in the way. I thought stacking would be the best way, but how. I was inspired by Ben Cartwright2's addition of handles (eye bolts) on his mini rack.

    I figured out that I could use a handle as a spacer, but how to do it while not sacrificing grill space on an already small surface area. I also did not want to block off smoke from reaching the food be it on the racks above or below. So I went to work for a few days with a sketch pad.

    Basically just pouring thoughts on to paper.

    More abstract and complicated "designs" with the Stainless note. lol

    Anyway I am headed home for the day to get this build finished and tested. Will post more in a few hours, after finding out if my final "handle" design works.
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    It would be easy to bolt together multiple racks using 1/4" all tread, nuts and washers. The only downside I see is that the closer to the fire the hotter, so you'd need to rotate the wings occasionally.

    I cook my wings hot and fast 350. That's at the top rack. I know it's at least 25-30 hotter where my lower rack sits.
  6. Here is my process for cutting out the bottom hole. I find the center of the swirl grain and drill a hill then screw into that hole. Then add a string or other object and active a circle. Still a starter hole and jigsaw out.
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  7. My spacers seem to work as intended but the 7.5" height might become an issue with being too close to the heat.

    This was just a test setup. I will use one pair for lifting out the top grate during normal use.
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  8. I finally got to cook on my mini Chicken Wing Cooker. The pot was an imuasa so I needed to crimp the top with some vice grips (which being lazy and having other smokers to use + Rain caused the delay) [​IMG]

    I only loaded two shelves with 1.5lbs of party wings. The store was out of full wings for scarbelly style.

    The way I made this smoker is with a single rack support of 3 1/4-20 bolts and some sst sheetmetal parts designed to support the 2 racks above and also be used to remove the racks below for saucing seasoning and removal.

    The stacker/handle rotates in from outside so they can not fall over inside the pot. The handle is also offset from the top so it does not create a spot directly under the food that blocks airflow.

    I need to get a shot of this thing in action with some scarbellies in it and see how much it can handle.
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    Looks like it's working out! A few years ago I could never find whole wings. Finally one of my markets has them all the time now! I think it's time for a batch!
  10. It was actually 1.5lbs each shelf. I can see squeezing 4lbs of wongs into the thing.

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