First Maple Belly and Canadian Bacon

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  1. Over the last couple weeks I made my first attempt at making both belly bacon and Canadian bacon using Pop's brine. Thanks to Pops, Foamheart and this forum it turned out really well. Here is what I did for the brine.

    Maple bacon
    Pops brine w/ 2/3 cup salt (per gallon)

    Additional to Pops brine (per gallon)
    2 tbsp peppercorns
    1 tbsp garlic powder
    1 tbsp onion powder
    2 oz maple extract (2 tbsp) (from Foamheart)

    Belly bacon Started brining May 12
    Canadian bacon started May 14, injected brine in as well.
    Took out of brine May 24, did fry test after rinsing and figured it was salty enough. Left in fridge overnight and next day. Rubbed with black pepper and Club House Wild Whiskey Smoked BBQ, then brushed on maple syrup.

    Smoked over apple and maple wood at as low as I could (150 F) for 7 hours. Belly bacon IT 130 ish. Brought Canadian bacon up to IT of 150F+.

    Rested in fridge uncovered for 14 hours or so plus 2 hours in freezer then sliced.

    Rubbed but not glazed
    Belly in smoker

    Loin in smoker
    Cooking and eating

    All in all it turned out really well. My brother loves bacon and I gave him some to try and he loved it. My wife likes it as well. Decent maple flavour, no too strong. Maybe a little salty so I think I might take it out a couple days earlier next time or use a little less additional salt. Definitely a bigger batch next time! Canadian bacon almost gone.
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  2. Lookin forward to the pics
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    Nice looking bacon, very nice. Thanks for the pics!

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  4. You guys are too quick, accidentally submitted it before I was done. Had to go and edit.
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    Nice job!

    They both look delicious!


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