First long smoke on BGE with two butts

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  1. So I read the other threads about smoking two butts but didn't find one about two butts on a big green egg. Does anyone have any experience with smoking two butts? I'm mainly looking for cooking time. It'll be about 16 lbs of meat all together. I don't expect any rain and it's hot as blazes out so I don't think it'll effect it too much. I was planning on having dinner around 1700 tomorrow so I figured out em on at 2200 or so tonight. Thanks in advance and I appreciate any help.
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    You estimate your time on the biggest piece of meat.

    Sounds like you have 2 - 8 lb. butts, so at 1 1/2 to 2 hours per pound your looking at 12 to 16 hours including the rest period.

    If they get done early just double wrap them in foil & put them in a 170 degree oven, then pull them when it's time to eat.


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