First kcbs competition. Need advice

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    I'm going to be doin my first kcbs competition in about a month. My first competition of any sort actually. All I have done is for ourselves and friends and family. 4 categories, ribs, chicken, pork, and brisket. I've got the ribs and pork down I do believe. Chicken I'm not so sure yet, I can make some great chicken breasts but I think for the competition you have to do whole chickens I'm not sure yet. I've only done one brisket and appearance turned out great but I took it out to soon and was a little tough. I'm thinking of using a little smaller brisket for quicker cool times for the completion. Anyways I could use any advice, pointers, help, from anyone and anyone who's done a kcbs competition. I'm going to include some Pics of previous smokes.



    2 pork butts

  2. Best of luck!!!!!
  3. As for chicken....

    Competition chicken is a different animal. IMHO it is the most work.

    Here is how the turn in box should look.


    Six pieces, all the same size & color.

    Most teams use thighs that are well trimmed to uniform size.

    They can be bone in or boneless.

    You need to be able to bite through the skin. Not necessarily crisp but a nice clean bite.

    To get a bite through skin, teams will remove the skin from the thigh and scrap the fat off

    the back side. Then the skin is wrapped around the trimmed thigh and held in place with toothpicks.

    Here is a vid:


    The chicken is cooked in a AL pan of butter to keep the chicken most.

    and remove the toothpicks before turning in the box.
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    I was thinking of doing a turn in box like this for chicken, to keep it looking like chicken and not just another smoked meat.

    Like this but with 6 slices of sliced chicken breast on bottom
  5. Well that will be different.

    I've never heard of  drumsticks being turned it. They could be hard to get the "bite through".

    If I was you I won't put in the breast slices. The judges are going to score the drumsticks.

    Good slices won't make up for weak drumsticks and if they aren't as good they will just drag the whole score down.
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  6. I have done 2 KCBS comps. You don't have to do whole chickens. Unless they have changed in the last couple of years you can turn in whatever pieces you want as long as there is at least one piece for each judge.

    We did thighs and removed the fat from the skin. We did not cook in the pan with butter though. First we smoked on the grate and then later foiled in apple juice. Lastly finished on a separate grill to glaze and set the sauce.

    Good luck on the comp. they are a lot of work but it was a lot of fun too!
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    Well today was the last day of the competition and I am whooped! Didn't sleep at all last night, I was the only first timer there. Good news is I got called for chicken, I got 10th but it was a call at least! I was pretty proud of all my turn ins! Lot of good veteran competition smokers there. I was the smallest outfit there with 2 back yard smokers and one pop up tent, no motor home or anything, but that's ok I'm still happy and had a great time. There was 19 competitors and they were all very helpful to me since it was my first time, I was really surprised how they took time to help with anything! All in all a great time and will attend another sometime soon! Here's a couple turn in boxes

    It was skinless boneless chicken breast, everyone was so suprised I placed with these

    This was my ribs, I thought it was going to be my best but the bottom rib was from a different rack and messed up my presentation I think

    My 2 smokers

    Our team name! Not because of an electric smoker, we use charcoal, because I'm a lineman
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    Congrats on the placing .  You did a good job in presentation , looked good . Now , you know more about the intricacies of a Comp. , you can practice and improve you technique

    Do as many cooks as you can at home and solicit comments for all you friends and send in Q-view for tips , if we can help , we will.

    Good luck ,have fun and . . .
  9. Good job man. Sounds like you did good for a first timer. Hope you had a lot of fun doing it.

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