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  1. Yesterday was our first KCBS competition, Racing for the BBQ, at Blue Springs Lake Campground in Missouri. We smoked chicken thighs, St Louis style ribs, brisket, and pork butt. Out of 58 teams we placed 53rd overall. It was definitely a learning experience and we took lots of notes so next time we will be better prepared. Of the 58 teams out there we were the only team that had never competed. It  feels good to know that 5 other teams that have competed before finished after us. Our best finish was in ribs which was in 39th place. We also achieved high scores in appearance due to the garnishment in the turn in boxes by our lovely assistants/wives. We met a lot of great people and had fun. We saw a few teams that we had only before seen on Pitmasters and even some point leaders for KCBS. We cant wait to do another one. I am the fat white guy. 


  2. Looks like fun was had by all.  We are thinking of hitting our first KCBS competition soon.  any great words of wisdom?
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    Congrats, looks good from here.  My Sons want to do that with me someday.  So any advice is good :)
  4. Dont put your meat on too early lol, we were very intimidated by all of the people who were there that had huge trailers and what not so we ended up putting our brisket and port butts on far too early. Well they were done by 6am. They sat in a towel lined cooler for 7 hours before being taken taken out.  I would ask questions of everyone around you because even though everyone is there to win they are also there to have a good time too. We found some really nice people who helped us out quite a bit,. There was a guy next to us whose team name was Smoking R's, he was an older gentleman but he knew his stuff! He placed first in 2 different categories. The KCBS rep we met named Phil Morrow was extremely helpful and nice. It was an all around good time and I highly suggest doing it at least once. (you may become addicted though)
  5. I know why you finished low, the evidence is in the first picture.  Taking an electric knife to ribs, you should be ashamed of yourself.  The judges probably saw you doing that and said this boy is no BBQ champion, lets move on.

  6. Since you took notes, I'm curious as to what you learned/would do differently for next time?  

    I'm seriously considering entering some competitions and was wondering about your experiences.
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    Looks good we don't have many KCBS events down here in Texas but I remember my first sanctioned event.  I was very nervous and changed everything to try to be like the big guys no walks that way.  My wife told me next time we are cooking our way and then the trophy's started to come. 
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    All that looks Great! I'm sure you had a blast. Would love to give it a try one day myself.  But if your  excellent  Q - View placed in the 50's... Then I've got lots more to learn before I lay my grub in a foam box full of parsley!  

    Think i'll just keep it on the back porch for now.  


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