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Discussion in 'Making Jerky' started by bakerboy7, Jan 10, 2012.

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    First of all, thanks for sharing the recipe, Nepas. I plan on trying this out over the weekend. This will be my first time making jerky, so a few newbie questions if y'all don't mind:

    I purchased an EOR that I am slicing about a quarter of an inch thick across the grain.

    I don't have one of those fancy Revo thingies but thought I would put in a foodsaver bag and pull a vacuum. Should I pull a full vacuum or only a partial?

    Is too soon to start marinating today and smoke Saturday?

    I know that smoke adheres better to a dry product, so I'm guessing that I need to rinse, pat dry and dry at a low temp before applying smoke and bumping up the temp.

    I purchased a 1300 watt electric burner for the BSKD so that I can smoke at low temps and will be using hickory pellets in the AMNPS.
    Is there anything else that I should be considering?
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  2. roller

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    Good Luck !
  3. An inch thick? Should be a 1/4.
  4. slownlow

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    Either it was edited or you might have over looked "I am slicing about a quarter of an inch thick "

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    I use a foodsaver for marinating. I pull vacuum until just before the liquid hits the foodsaver and then cancel the vacuum and let it seal.

    Depends on your marinade. I usually let mine marinate for a week before smoking and drying.

    No need to rinse, just hang it up in the smoker at 120 - 130*F and let it dry for a couple hours.
  7. X2 on the 'don't rinse' need to wash that great marinade off before smoking.  If you're using jerky sticks (instead of laying them flat on a grate) you can skewer the jerky and then let it drip dry a bit outside (on the grass in your yard or somewhere you don't care about the drips) before you put it in the smoker.  You can use the back of two chairs or even saw horses to hold the jerky sticks until they drip off most of the marinade.  This will keep your smoker a bit cleaner but as solaryellow says, you can let them dry in the smoker as well.. no problem...

    GOOD LUCK ON THAT JERKY.  Shoot us some q-view when it's done.


  8. One of the 2. Sometimes I don't read so good. [​IMG]
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    I have always marinaded like Joel with the food saver and then let it dry out while hanging in the smoker.
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  10. bakerboy7

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    Thanks for your opinions, guys. I'll get as many pics as I can.
  11. bakerboy7

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    Here's an update for you...

    The mix: I used Nepas' recipe and added some granulated garlic


    The victim: almost 6 pounds of eye of round


    The slicer is at my son's house, so the 12 inch chef's knife it is.  Thank goodness there was a nice chill on it


    All sealed up...See you in a couple of days

  12. bakerboy7

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    Had a heck of a time getting any decent temps yesterday but I made some headway today.

    In the smoker with hickory in the AMNPS lit at both ends.  I'm doubling up on the smoke just in case my temps start to drop too much and I need to finish drying in the oven.


    It is 20 degrees here today with a light wind and couldn't find a welding blanket locally.  Had to make due with a wrap for a water heater.

    It is holding at 120 right now but I don't think that it is going any higher.  Wish me luck.

  13. solaryellow

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    Good luck Chris!

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