First Jerky Smoke w/Qview

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  1. First time trying jerky...

    Got a london broil and had it sliced thin by the butcher. Cut into strips and marinated in: soy, worcestershire, rum, onion, garlic, pepper, tenderquick. A recipe I found on the forums here.

    Laid out after a night of soaking. Cracked some fresh pepper on it.

    Loaded up at around 150° with hickory

    A peek a little in to the cook

    And the result! Maybe cooked a touch too long (about 3 hours total) but came out delicious and everyone loves it! A great smoke and flavor

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    Looks great! I've got a London in the freezer I'm fixing to do. Gonna cure this one for the first time. I usually just marinade with half allegro hickory and half spicy and add some pepper flake and black pepper. Then in the dehydrator.Between the wife and oldest daughter it doesn't last long enough to need curing. That recipe sounds good what are the amounts if you don't mind? Don't wanna use hickory marinade and then smoke.
  4. It looks very tasty.

    Happy smoken.

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    Thanks a lot! I love the heat,have 9 pints of dried ghost chilies from the garden ,thinking about making some evil jerkey this go around too. Ground some and added to some wing dust and they were deliciously hot!

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