First hot smoke with AMNPS question.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by kmoo180, Mar 8, 2015.

  1. kmoo180

    kmoo180 Newbie

    So this may be a dumb question but this is the first time i am using my new AMNPS for a hot smoke. When i cold smoked cheese last week i had a good amount of smoke in my MES 30 for the 4 hours that it was smoking. Before I had the AMNPS and i was using wood chips i also had quite a bit of smoke in the unit. Today I fired up the smoker to 275 for a turkey breast, got my AMNPS lit per the instructions, blow torched the unit for 1 minute and let fire burn for ten minutes, I also blew on it to get the fire back up a few times. After about 15 minutes I deemed it hot enough to go in the smoker. I have my chip tray out 1-1/2 inches and have been playing with how far out the chip loader is. Now my issue is I can smell smoke and see a little smoke coming out the exhaust, however there is no visible smoke in my smoker. I can see through the window clear as day. Ive opened the unit a few times to check on it and it still seems to be burning. So i'm not sure if this is just me being a newbie and not knowing or if i actually have a problem. Thanks for any input.

  2. tropics

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    If you smell smoke its smoking.leave the door closed it takes awhile to build up lots of smoke.
  3. kmoo180

    kmoo180 Newbie

    OK thanks I'll just keep an eye out without opening it up. its been about an hour and a half into the smoke so far. Normally with the chips I've built up alot of smoke in the unit and refilled the loader at least twice by now.
  4. tropics

    tropics Smoking Guru SMF Premier Member

    TBS Thin Blue Smoke does it still smell?
  5. kmoo180

    kmoo180 Newbie

    Yes it does. Totally different smell than I had with the chips however. I believe that is due to Todds quality pellets as opposed to wood chips. I just had to open to door to check my temp and noticed when it opens it seems to pick up a little bit. so I need to play with my chip loader some more it seems. I knew it would take some time to play with this before i got it right.
  6. inkjunkie

    inkjunkie Master of the Pit

    To quote someone on here....if you're looking you ain't cooking...

    Ever considered the Mailbox mod? Least this way you're not opening the smoker to check on the AMNPS.
  7. kmoo180

    kmoo180 Newbie

    yes that will probably be my next option after this. 


    this is after 2 hours of smoking and 1 relight. so its definitely burning. Just not clouding up the smoker like I am used to.
  8. kmoo180

    kmoo180 Newbie

    For what its worth I lowered the temp in the smoker from 275 to 250. And I got a much better result of smoke inside the smoker. Not sure what caused that but I'm happy with the result.

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