First Grill with GMG JB **Qview**

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  1. First before I begin, I have a set up question. I lined the 2nd drip pan/grate that goes on top of the 1st drip pan with foil. While I was smoking my tri-tip I noticed a 30 degree difference between the digital readout and the dome therm (180 v 150). I started low and slow to get good smoke on the meat. After 1 hour I raised the temp to 230; again 30 degree difference between digital readout and dome probe (230 vs 200). By this time, I started realizing the tri-tip was going to take at least 3 hours to cook (we like between 135-140 internal).

    Once the meat got up to 120, I pulled it to rest while I cranked up the heat to 495. I also removed the foil and aligned holes on the 2 trays. It took less than 10 minutes to get up to 495. The digital readout and dome probe also were also matching. I reversed seared the tri-tip and let it rest for 12 minutes when the temp started to come down.

    So do I just line the 1st drip tray with foil and leave the 2nd tray off to achieve better temps? I don't think it would have taken me 3 1/2 hours. I also need to share I was unable to do any temp testing because I had to work. I didn't get home until 5:30pm and started the cook at 6pm. I know I did something wrong somewhere and it's gotta be with the foil set up (I only used 1 sheet too).

    I also inserted the meat with my ChefAlarm probe and the GMG probe after the low smoke for 1 hr. The 2 were only off by 2-3 degrees the rest of the cook. Still the tri-tip came out great. Sides include Costco mac & cheese along with sautéed super greens. This was also my 1st smoke ring too.

    Thanks for any feedback and tip/suggestions/critiques (I got me big boy pants on)

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    I'm not familiar with your smoker, so I can't help you with your questions.

    But your tri-tip sure looks good!

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    If you going to sear, dont foil at all. Align holes and crank up the temp.

    Also, its common for the readout to be different from the dome therm. There at completely different levels in the smoker.

    I go by my igrill2 or my maverick 732 with ambient probes to moniter temps at the grate.
    My readout it typically 30* hotter then actual grate temps.
  4. K thanks for the info!

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