First go with a brisket

Discussion in 'Beef' started by smokinnubie, May 17, 2014.

  1. I am going to embark on the brisket journey for the first time. I didn't brine. I plan on doing a simple dry rub. I have heard about cutting the brisket before cooking where the grain changes but I think that I am going to just go whole since it is my first time. Planning on using pecan chips an I have a 30"electric masterbuilt. Set temp at 225 and a plan of a few ruby redbirds enjoying the nice weather for eight hours. Am I missing anything? Any basic tips would be thoroughly appreciated. :grilling_smilie:
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    I believe you're missing a few hours of cook time at that temperature. I'd plan for at least 12, possibly more. If it's done early you can always hold it in a preheated cooler for several hours.
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  3. Brisket is only 4_1/2 pounds and no bone. Should eight still be good?

  4. Here it goes.
  5. waterinholebrew

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    Good luck, you'll do great ! Thumbs Up
  6. Got it up to about 165 but it seems like it is hanging. Any thoughts?:pot:
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    Ya hit the infamous stall.... It'll come out of it & start rising again.... That can take a while on the stall ! If your crunched for time ya can foil it and that will help push thru the stall but the bark will soften on ya.... That's the reason I just ride out the stall is I like the bark too much !
  8. Got it. Sounds like another ruby
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    How's your temp now, still powering thru the stall ?
  10. Got it up to 170. Seems to be chugging along.
  11. What's the earliest to pull a brisket if you are in a pinch?:beercheer:
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    Honestly if your in a pinch ya can foil it to power thru the stall..... However other than that ya really can't pull a brisket early.... I personally let mine hit 198* IT, then start the toothpick test.... The toothpick test is simple, get round toothpick & when it slides into brisket easily she's done... I've had them done at 198* and I've had them go to 205* IT before toothpick test worked.... each piece of meats a little different... When toothpick test works I pull er wrap in foil, couple towels & off to the cooler for a few hours to rest ! I just use my camping cooler.... Resting will let the juices redistribute throughout the meat !
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  13. width/350/height/700[/IMG]
  14. That's a nice looking piece of brisket man  [​IMG]
  15. Thanks B. Pulled it early. Flavor was awesome and was juicy. Just wasn't fall apart tender. My toddler son loved it so at least I am headed in the right direction. Patience is key and I didn't have it on this one. Can't wait until my next attempt. Hopefully my day won't be as busy as this. Had a later start than I wanted.
  16. Yup that's right man. Brisket is something that you can't rush - it will be done when it decides it is ready to be done & not before... You said you had awesome flavor & it was juicy so it just needed to stay in a bit longer. You'll nail your next one now. Nice smoke!  [​IMG]

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