First go at "candied salmon"!

Discussion in 'Fish' started by frosty31, Aug 10, 2013.

  1. Using some reds that I caught back in July!

    Getting everything ready;

    Using 2 different brine methods....more or less to see what we like better.  Of course I forgot to get a picture of the wet brine.

    After sitting in the fridge for 24 hrs;

    This was the wet brine batch.  Speeding up the pellicle process!

    Everything in the smoker!!

    They should be ready in a few hrs!!!  A few green beans as well....just to see what happens!
  2. wade

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    The salmon looks great. Which method produced the deeper red colour? Also I am curious as to how the beans turned out.
  3. The bottom 3 trays with the darker colored fish was the dry brine, top 3 trays were the wet brine.  I am also mopping the bottom 3 with real maple syrup and the top 3 with a honey/water mixture.
  4. Finished!

  5. Makes my mouth water!  Looks great, just wish I could find that smellivision button on my laptop...[​IMG]
  6. Looks GREAT!

    Happy smoken.

  7. Frosty, could you post your recipe and at what temperature and time you smoke it.  It looks very good.  I'm planing on making some this weekend.

  8. cmayna

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    Lookin good.

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