First fridge build...need help...

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by judgement6, Apr 13, 2015.

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    Hey guys,

    new to to building smokers...well researched though..I bought a mini chief...used it twice and out grew it immediately...I like smoked we go..

    -going electric

    here are my questions:

    -do i need to strip the paint inside the fridge? if so any tips short of sand blasting?

    -i know I have to replace the door biggie

    I plan to use the element and dial from and electric frying pan...or something similar..and will digitize eventually...

    -is it worth cutting a hole in the door to access chip pan without losing a ton of smoke? I hate to break the air tight seal just for an access panel...suggestions?

  2. Think your okay on the paint. It's probably enamel. You could use the mailbox mod or something like the smokedaddy. They are fun to build for sure. Which ever way you decide to go, make sure you cut the hole so it will go through the outer and inner box.
  3. judgement6

    judgement6 Newbie

    oh great!! thanks PIT!! ya I've lost a lot of hours of my life to research...haha..perhaps lost isn't the right word...
  4. It looks like my liner, so I would second the enamel. Mailbox mad would work well and you could even hide it in the back. What kind of budget are you working on? It may be cheaper to go digital to begin with than you think.
  5. Gunna be good
  6. Nice fridge looks good so far!:grilling_smilie:
  7. The only problem with running chips in a pan I find is that when I do stuff at lower temps it doesn't get hot enough for the chip to burn. If I do chickens or roasts at 230 it burn the chips well but ant say 150f it won't. Have you looked into an amazen smoker for you smoke generation?
  8. judgement6

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    thanks guys!! I got it totally gutted last just gotta take it to a carwash and pressure wash the components...

    funny i was thinkin...rather than spending money on a chip burner it might be smarter to just go digital off that're probably right pappa budget is tight...trying to do it for under $100...found a cheap digital controller on far the fridge and my new ruxol insulation have been i still have $100 in my budget...ideas on best way to spend it are very welcome....

    k, so what is mail box mod? i'm new remember...
  9. judgement6

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    k..after a bit of reading...tell me if i'm wrong..

    you are suggesting...I build a cabinet below the fridge where i will burn chips to provide smoke...and somehow vent it into the main chamber...then in the main chamber I have a element that provides heat and maintains a nice low temp..for cooking purposes...

    so if i understand correctly...there should or shouldn't be smoke in the main cabinet at all times?!?! i'm new to smoking...but man do i love to cook...

    so essentially i would have a low temp oven with the ability to add smoke at various stages of cooking...or should there be smoke at all times? Also i would have two cooking for for temp?

    for your knowledge...I offer this...if you haven' should immediately..

  10. Search mailbox mod to get an idea of what it is. The wood chips or pellets aren't going to supply a lot of heat so you will need a heat source. Electric, gas or charcoal. Once you establish which heat source you're going to use, then you can figure out how you're going to install everything. Usually you want smoke going the whole time but it is not mandatory. Smoke adds flavor, heat cooks food
  11. judgement6

    judgement6 Newbie up a 1500w cast iron covered frying pan..i think will work...update pics...

  12. judgement6

    judgement6 Newbie

    just need to whip up some flashing..will do tomorrow on lunch break
  13. judgement6

    judgement6 Newbie

    my element...think it will work??!?!?!?

    its 1500w....
  14. What are you using for flashing
  15. judgement6

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    i have an infinite supply of aluminum..;prob gonna use that..i work at a shop that pretty much only uses aluminum....and it won't be its only where the door seals around the edge...think that is ok?
  16. As long as it's not galvanized

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