First Fridge build, First Build Ever!

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  1. Hey everybody,

    I am starting the journey of my first build. I had originally decided on a smokehouse build but in the meantime I came accross a SS commercial single door fridge and the price was right, SO I picked it up and here we go. I will have plenty of questions as we move along so let me start with this one. Do I need to remove the insulation inside? I have read a couple of threads of SS conversions and some seem to have removed the inner insulation and some don't. So getting started do I need to do that? Here is a pic of what I am working with.

  2. I should probably add that my plan is to have a stick smoker having an external firebox made from a 55g drum and piped to the CC.
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    I would have to say leave the insulation in. However, where you cut a hole for the fire box I would wrap the cut with metal to protect the insulation from the heat source.

    Leaving the insulation will keep the heat in the box better and keep the out side of the fridge cool to touch.

    Looks like and interesting build

    Also, anything plastic or rubber remove from the inside. As this was a fridge I would replace the door seal. Since it is not heat rated.

    On my build I replaced the door seal seal with a seal that is used on a wood stove door.
  4. Cowboy, i agree with leaving the insulation. Just from what i have read the insulation may melt. It seems a lot easier if i can leave it but i also want to make sure its safe. I guess at this point unless anyone else has a different opinion i will proceed with leaving it.

    Any recommendations on what type of pipe to use from FB to CC and venting?
  5. Anyone, Have any tips or Ideas to help me out?   [​IMG]

    Leave the insulation or take it out?

    Type of pipe from firebox to CC?

    any dos or don'ts when working with this type of refrigerator?

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