First Fridge Build - Adding the heat! Need Help!

Discussion in 'Fridge/Freezer Builds' started by jkorne, Sep 30, 2014.

  1. jkorne

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    Well, my budget smoker build is ready to get some heat. I've managed to get the working inners from an oven, though my only problem is where the smoker is located running a 240v to the shed would cost an arm and a leg. I was wondering if anyone that was good with electrical could make sense of this schematic of the oven circuit and how I could make at least one element work on 120v with at least the heat control working. Or have an suggestions that might make this easier. I do realize I would be cutting my wattage down to 1/4 but that should be enough to heat to around 230*.

    Any help would be much appreciated and I look forward to being apart of these forums and getting to know yall.
  2. goliath

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    WHY BOTHER....

    at 110 volts you will lose alot of the wattage, i looked into it before and there are formulas on the web that show its not worth the trouble. get the Brinkman 1500 watt element. CHEAP AS BORSCHT ...  LOL

    plug and play right into a PID and your smokin

    good luck

  3. jckdanls 07

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    I don't believe your gonna be able to make a 220v element work on 110v... anyways... there really will be no difference in cost to run wiring for 110 or 220 ... it's just wired different in the breaker panel ...
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  5. madman mike

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    Dont bother, with the drop to only 1/4 of the wattage it will not be efficient enough to heat the smoker. Been there and tried it, learn from it and move on, lol

    as mentioned go with the brinkman replacement elemnt for around $70 or a finned strip heater in the 1000-1500w range. like this one 

    then connet it to the Auberins dual control found here 

    total cost about $300, but worth every penny for perfect electric control.
  6. goliath

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    from personal experience be careful with the finned strip heater. i tried one as my 2nd element and it didnt last long. burned it out. this was probably due to the close position it was to the brinkman and didnt have sufficient air flow. worked great when it did work. they are more of a chamber/cabinet heater, so it needs air flow and cant be choked up like mine was. i had it placed exactly where my 2nd element is now..


  7. madman mike

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    Good to know, i was looking at using a finned strip heater in my next build, though it will be my only source of heat and should have good natural convection ill be sure to give it enough space for ariflow

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