First Fatty (Venison) w/ Q-View

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  1. So I was looking at posts on SMF and came across several posting on fatties. I decided to make a venison fatty consisting of 1 lbs of venison burger, 1 lbs of homemade venison sausage, green peppers, onion, provolone cheese, Byron's butt rub and wrapped in a bacon weave. I smoked it on my Good One open range smoker at a temp of 250 deg and pulled my fatty off at 160 deg IT. It took around 6 hr to finish it and it came out wonderful. [​IMG]

    This is the venison burger with the filling on it. I put the sausage

    over top of this but forgot to take pic.

    This is all stuff rolled up in clear wrap.

    My first ever bacon weave

    Wrapped in clear wrap and ready for the fridge 

    Just off the smoker

    Sliced and ready to eat

  2. Nice work! Good to see someone else in joisey that rolls fatties
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    What was in your sausage mix and did you make two fatties or did you combine the two meats? Looks great! Nice work! you've made one more fattie than I have... I know... just waiting for that special occasion.  :)

    Oh, how was the final taste and would you try anything different next time?
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    That looks great. I have never had venison in a fatty. I'm sure it was tasty. Great job and nice qview! 
  5. The sausage has pork fat, garlic, black pepper, chili powder, cayenne pepper, marjoram, thyme, basil, salt, sage, parsley, and onions. I combined the two together like a sandwich by laying out the burger, covering with filling, and then laid the sausage over top of that. The fatty taste great but took allot longer than I expected. I'm new to the smoking meat scene so I'm still learning as I go. I think next time if I do the same style fatty I'll just crumble half a pound of sausage on as part of the filling instead of a full pound as a sandwich. I'm sure it will shorten up the cook time and taste just as good.[​IMG]
  6. Thanks and yes venison makes everything better.[​IMG]
  7. Thanks nightsmoker824
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    That looks stunning! My wife is not keen on trying a fattie but I have a buddy coming out for a visit. You are inspiring me to serve him a fatty. Thanks for posting.

  9. Great idea and it looks fantastic. I make fatties with elk sausage. 
  10. Thanks. I have lots of deer meat and here soon I'll be add more to. No elk here in NJ but I'm sure it would taste great too.

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