First fatty - Sorry no pics

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  1. Chicken Chili Relleno Fatty

    1/2 lb Sage JD sausage
    1/2 lb Hot JD sausage
    3 Poblano Chilies
    Large handfull of chopped up beer can chicken
    8 oz Mexican cheese
    1/2 can large black olives - sliced up
    1/2 bunch Spring onions
    1 pkg mistake

    Mixed up the sausage and stuck it into a 1 gal baggie, pressed it out to the edges and stuck in the refridge to get stiff
    Broiled the chilies until burnt, placed in a plastic bag for 15 minutes. Peeled the burnt skin and sliced in half removing seeds.
    mixed up chicken, olives, onions and cheese.

    Made mistake weave

    Layed out cut chilies on sausage, placed layed of chicken mixture and salsa and placed the remaining chilies on top.
    Rolled the bad boy up
    Wraped the bad boy with the mistake weave.

    Smoked for 4 hours at 225

    The mistake was using turkey bacon in a failed attempt to make my wife think there was a nutritional, healthy side to this.

    The turkey "jerky" was editable, BUT: I WILL NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE AGAIN. Other than that my first Fatty was a success.

    Next - Thanksgiving sausage stuffing Fatty...

  2. beer-b-q

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    Sounds good just remember that,
  3. smokemaster

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    What he said.
  4. mballi3011

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    I third it

    but it sounds good.
  5. warthog

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    No qview never happened![​IMG]

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