First fattie last night - then someone pointed me here.

Discussion in 'Fatties' started by tridiot, Aug 15, 2014.

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    Well, I got into smoking this summer after a nice neighbor lady loaned me her Traegar pellet smoker she hadn't used since her husband passed 3 years ago. So I've done a variety of pork butts, ribs, 'dillo eggs and even a corned beef with an apricot glaze that turned out great. But I've been wanting to do a fattie... and not the kind I woke up next to one time in college. Dang, that was an experience. 

    But I digress...

    On to the pics!

    Started with a weave and some homemade pork rub.

    Hand-pressed a layer of Jimmy Dean's ground Italian sausage - I didn't know about the gallon ziploc trick at this point, but I WILL be using it for my next one - maybe TONIGHT!

    Then a layer of chopped bacon and some semi-julienne polska kielbasa.

    Wrapped and on the smoker!

    Finished product.

    And then leftovers for breakfast sandwiches!

    So I've already learned a good bit about these from looking around today. I was kind of winging it on a prayer last night, just going off some pictures and ideas I'd seen randomly around the net. Now I have a ton of new ideas to try, and I'm specifically really REALLY interested in the dough-wrapped versions. Turkey/bacon/swiss/spinach, boudin/crawfish/cheesy goodness, pizza fatties of all kinds, the reuben one intrigues me - just insane the number of ideas I'm seeing here! :D

    I'm gonna need a bigger freezer just for bacon, so I can buy it in bulk! :D
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    Welcome aboard!! Looks great. For next time, however, roll the sausage THEN wrap the bacon weave. That way all the bacon is on the outside and gets crispy. I did the same thing you did the first time I tried one. Thought I was saving a step until I discovered the limp bacon rolled throughout the fatty.
  3. tridiot

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    I did! lol

    I laid out the weave first, then the sausage layer on top, but when I rolled the sausage, I peeled it up from the bacon weave, then rolled the completed sausage roll in the bacon weave. So all the bacon was on the outside.

    Still didn't get crispy, though. Bacon was a little soft, I threw it on the grill for a couple minutes, but it flared way too much, and the bacon started to curl away (it was still perfectly and tightly wrapped up till that point), so I pulled it off. I want to know how to get the bacon CRISPY! :D
  4. I've only done a fatty in the oven, but when it was at 75% IT, I kicked the oven up to 325 to finish off the bacon to crispy. It was amazing! If it was a smoker, I'd so the same exact thing.

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