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Discussion in 'Beef' started by wayoung, May 12, 2016.

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    In advance - having some phone issues, my apologies for typos and duplicate words.

    So I tried an eye of round roast in my MES today - i've done a couple roasts b in my old Cuisinart electric but was never very impressed with the results. I went through a bunch o threads on the forum about eye of round a took a bunch of people's advice.

    It was 3 and a half pounds. I brined it overnight, Started smoking this morning. Had some issues with the MES not generating much smoke after the first bit of pellets but otherwise it went well.

    While it might might sacrilegious to say it on this forum I cooked it until 165 internal - my wife won't eat meat unless it is well done. Ended up around 4.5 hours in the smoker at 220, Most of the time after the plateau at 150. Then foiled, wrapped in the towel, and put in this handy coors light cooler I got free with the case of "beer" (that is bought just for the cooler backpack). Since we went Kayaking in the late afternoon the meat sat for around 5.5 hours and was still nice to warm when I was I out.

    And holy crap was it delicious. I am very pleased with the results. A lot of threads on here talk about Eye of Round not turning out well, and some talked about throwing Beef out if it was well done. DONT DO THAT. A well done Eye of Round can still taste great!
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    Nice looking scene! The smoked meat underlines it well! I've been thinking about stocking up on some smoked red Sammie meat with the slicer this weekend I'll see if I can find a round eye roast! My wife is the same with red meat. What can you do? Thank you!
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    One of the best things about doing it yourself is doing it your own way. The opinions that matter most are yours and your wife's (not necessarily in that order ). Glad you enjoyed it, and so did the better half. At my house, " She whose voice must be obeyed " grew up on meat that was the same color , inside and out..... dark brown. Over the last 35 years, she has slowly acclimated to a pink center. She knows the Thermopen doesn't lie. It's safe to eat, and she grudgingly admits it tastes better. Hang in there !
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    The meat came out good.  "Good" is always how you like it done!!  Now, myself, I like it anywhere between medium and well done--the last thing I want to do is spend the supper chasing my meat around the kitchen with a knife and fork.  LOL

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    Your roast looks delicious.

    I'm a rare guy, 115-120 & rest.

    To each his own.


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