First ever smoke: Babybacks. Couple of question before ignition??

Discussion in 'Pork' started by irongut99, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. OK I realize half the fun is the trial (not too much error) in smoking meat.

    Going to smoke 2 racks of BB ribs on Monday (working this week-end..) I've done a lot of reading thru the fourms and enrolled in the 5 day e-course (currently on day #2). Was wondering if this summery (plan) is on track? Please insert comments/tips where necessary.
    1. Night before remove membrane and apply rub, wrap and refrigerate over night.
    2. Plan for around 5 hours of cooking (I'm going 2-2-1) allow meat to come to room temp prior to smoke. Fill 8"cast iron pan with chunks (number?) of unsoaked hickory, fill water pan. Pre-heat gas smoker (crank it up to get to temp up and start chunks a smoking?) then stabilize around 225. (I was able to hold this using stock and digital thermometer during seasoning of the smoker). Fill racks with ribs sections. (I have 4 racks, fill bottom to top?)
    3. Monitor temp and smoke (how often should I need to add wood??), spray with juice mix every hour.
    4. During last hour apply sauce. test internal temp to assure there ready (170)
    5. Enjoy!! I'm hoping!!
    This is how I have it planned out in my head right now...Comments?

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    What, no ABT's? No BEER? [​IMG]

     Sounds like a pretty good plan to me. I 'd check the ribs after 1 hour in foil though, but that's just me. I don't like "fall off the bone" tender. Lots here do, and the 2-2-1 should make them super tender.

    And please provide lots of Q-view. Otherwise, you'll get a reputation as a tease :)
  4. Thanks Bear for the reply, As far as wood goes during the smoker seasoning I had one "chunk" and a handful of chips in the cast iron pan I bought that sits on the stock pan (It's a propane masterbuilt smoker) I fired it up on high, in roughly 10 mins there was smoke (temp around 350), turned it down to low it fell to 225-235 I noticed some of the chips were a glowing. After an hour at 225 most of the chips were burnt up the single chunk was just a little burnt on the bottom. Still trying to figure out how much wood to add to start? Basically from what I've read you want  a nice smoke for the first 2 hours?

    And yes MDboatbum I should insert step 1a, 2a, 3a, 3b : enjoy another cold one....
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    I'm not sure about the size of your smoker, but I have a gas smoker too.

    I changed the chip tray for a veggie wok, with a piece of aluminum foil in the bottom to keep the ashes from falling on the burner. 

    I load it up with a layer of chips & chunks on top & get good TBS for a few hours. 

    Here's a photo.

  6. Thanks Al!! A picture is worth a thousand words!! I promise to take a few on Monday for the maiden run...
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    I remove the membrane and I dont spray them. I also don't foil mine, I just remove when done. [​IMG]
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    These great folks have you pointed in the right direction,

    Just remember the Qview [​IMG]

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