first ever smoke. $5 pot roast

Discussion in 'Beef' started by powersmokin, Mar 26, 2010.

  1. Had my first smoke tonight. 4 freakin hours man. I got a 4 lb beef pot roast. Used safeways free ultimate rub. Turned out alright. Except I had it at 235 for like 2.5 hours and the inside only got to 140 according to my new probe. So I cranked I up to 270 for the last 5 minutes and put it all the way on the left side. When I took it out I stuck the probe back in.. 167.. so close. But it was done enough to eat.

    That rub I has is way too salty. It tastes like smoked salmon or salty beef jerkey. But it has a lot of flavor. I used big green egg lumpcoal, aand like 6 or 7 chunks of soaked almondwood. Which is what bbq galore recommended. Ima try a 6 hourerer on Wednesday. Wish me luck!

    Now its 1 am. I'm tired. I'm going to bed.
  2. Pics to come tomorrow. Got a nice red
  3. boiseque

    boiseque Smoke Blower

    See comments above, good luck with the next smoke!
  4. Qview? And tbs?

    I shoulda wrapped it to bring it up to 170. And ill look at the rubs for a tritip, and do 2 racks of ribs. One with stubbs, one with the best odds rib rub. Plannin a 6 hour smoke on Wednesday. Doin 3-2-1 on the ribs and smoke the tritip for 3 hours and smoke it wrapped for the last 2 hours. Hopefully it melts the fat
  5. boiseque

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    qview = pictures of your smoke
    TBS = Thin Blue smoke, what you should see out of the vent not white and billowy smoke.

    Just remember times are a guideline in smoking, there are no hard set times. Temps are when its done for big meats (briskets, chuckies, butts etc..) feel will determine your ribs being done, along with some other things like pullback and the bend test.The tri tip probably wont need that long to cook, mine are usually 140* internal in about 2.5 hours at 225-250.

    This is in no way meant to be mean, but judging on this post and another I have seen of yours you seem to be hard set on time of cooking. Thats not smoking, thats oven cooking. Smokers have to many variables to have this be the case, temps are what will tell you everything. Internal meat temp and temp of your smoker. I hope this helps, and again I am not trying to be mean at all just offering some constructive criticism.
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    Any time you see the green bold abbreviated letters such as UDS, BGE, TBS just hold your mouse over the letter and an explanation of the abbreviation will pop up.
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    qview or it didn't happen. [​IMG]
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    Congrats on your first smoke!
    Nothing wrong with it being a little under what you were shooting for, I like to cook mine to med-rare.
    A lot of those store bought rubs are either too sweet or too salty, check the ingredients and try to find one that doesn't list both salt AND MSG as ingredients or one that has salt lower on the list and not the first or second, hard to find but they are out there.
    Also eventually you will probably want to come up with your own rub to match your preferences.
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    Now you have to also remember we don't smoke here by time (except for ribs) we smoke by temp. Now it's is normal to mess up your first or second or even third times but that's what we are for we will give you some good advice about how to this and that cause most of us have already been there done that some of us even got the shirt. Now for your rub you have to like Jim (fire it up) said look at the ingredients for salt if that bothers you. You can spend alittle money and buy Jeff's his is that good and you get the sauce recipe too. So keep on tring and we will be here to answer your questions.
  10. Boise, you didn't come off as mean at all. I come from the powerstroke forum. There not so friendly there.. your nice.

    Ill get the qview when I get home. My droid won't upload pics.

    It came out pretty good. And I was keeping low and slow in mind the whole time. When ii get paid, ill get jeffs rub and sauce. Never hurts to support a good forum. Which this is.

    Wednesday I'm trying to do a 3-2-1 and tri tip. Well see how that goes. My 5 day will also complete on Wednesday, so that will be allll gooooddd
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    Should have gotten a Nexus One, the phone from Google.
    Shame it isn't selling so well, the iphone kind of has the market cornered but it is an awesome phone!
    Not to mention it's Google and we all love Google [​IMG]
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    p-smokin.......try a pork butt next time, it is a real forgiving cut and there is always going to be leftovers!
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    Yeah - it's funny how each forum has its own personality. I've spent enough time on the "why didn't you search you @#$ n00b" kind of forums that I have to be careful on nicer family-friendly ones!

    Anyway - welcome aboard! There is a ton of information here to absorb and it's a little overwhelming at first. [​IMG]
  15. no pics of the TBS because it was 12:15...

    But. Heres some pics of the meat and showing just how far off the stock thermo was!

    (i dont want to hear about any of you getting turned on by this!! LOL![​IMG])

    (the stock on says ideal, which is where i bbqd the ribs at first. Now i see why they didnt come out smoked, but rather BBQD! I was at 400!)

    Bad quality. But hey. Its a phone. Not a camera
  16. rbranstner

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    Yep that just goes to show you how a good thermometer can make you or break you.
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    Which powerstroke forum you on?
  18. the ORG. Same name there. btw if the sigs not forum friendly, just let me know

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