First ever Prime Rib.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by mudinchev, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. First off sorry for no Qview, got carried away after carving the meat. Anyway thanks to those who posted their processes on here it gave me the info I needed to make this a I mean a GREAT SUCESS!!

    As for seasoning I used the one from Spokane Spice(see pic). I covered the roast in the seasoning and vacuum sealed it for 24 hrs. (next time I will do 48 to 72hrs). I didnt use any EVOO or any thing, just took it out of the packageing and packed as much seasoning as I could to all the surfaces. Then I made a large bag from the roled type of vacuum sealer bags and sealed it. This actually forced the flavor deep into the meat (which is why I will go a little longer next time). I loaded my Cook Shack smoker with Hickory and Misqete (Will probably change that next time), Set the smoker at 250 and with a digital meat probe waited untill it hit 140 (5lb roast took about 3.5hrs) pulled the roast wraped it in foil and a towel and let it set for 25 min.

    All I can say is WOW!!!! Best I have EVER had!! Cant wait to do it again!
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    Glad you enjoyed the results, and the other half of the fun was preparing such a fine meal.

    I just did a Bigeye boneless USDA Choice roast, almost 7lbs seasoned about 15 hours, set the MES for 270 but due to ambient it was mostly around 255-260, meat cooked almost exactly 3 hours. Took it out when the remote probe in the meat registered 132, tripled wrapped in alum foil, triple wrapped in plastic wrap, triple wrapped in paper towels, then dropped into a 6 pack ice chest (the ice chest had 140 deg hot water in it for over an hour, which I drained and dried immediately before putting the wrapped roast in). Usually you can expect the internal meat temp to climb another 10+ deg if meat is wrapped. The Bigeye Roast sat in the chest for approx 100 min. The last thing I did before serving the meal (everything on the table but the meat) was unwrap and slice. The meat was perfect about 143, and perfectly done. TENDER you could almost cut with a fork. TASTy
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    darn, two good sounding rib roasts and no pics of either... not that i dont believe either of you but just that your descriptions sound so good, i feel cheated in not being able to view them. [​IMG]
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    MMMMM can't wait to do mine now. Got 3 to do for this weekend. Good tip on the hot water pre-heat Deltatude for the cooler.
    L8ter SOB
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    I think the vacume seal is a great idea!!! I was planning on trying it on my next batch of chicken to assist the spices into the meat. Nice job!!! [​IMG]
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    not to hijack the thread, but vacum packing when marinating will cut down on the time required, or make the marinate go deeper into the meat.

  7. I could taste the seasoning almost half way threw......thats why Im going to try 2-3 days next time "end cuts all the way threw"!!

    Next time I will be sure to get some good pics! As good as that was I wont be able to resist doing another one for very long!
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    SWHHING......[​IMG] sounds great!!!!!!!!!!

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