First Ever Brisket Smoke

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bigredfan, Aug 23, 2013.

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    alright I am going to undertake my first brisket because I want to get it down before football season is in full kick off.

    I picked up a 12.7 lb whole brisket from the store and will be using Bovine Bold as my rub.  I just added a second heating element to my original bradley and also got an auber pid so I am exicted to try them out.

    My plan for smoking is

    4 hours at 180 degrees

    6-7 hours at 225 or until it reaches about 165 IT

    Foil until it reaches 195

    FTC for about 2 hours

    How do I trim this down to fit into my smoker.   I have no idea how to go about it
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    still debating on cooking it in a foil pan as opposed to cooking above it.  May cook above foil pan until it is time to foil then let it soak in its juices plus a little beer and foil the whole thing
  3. Are you asking how to trim a brisket, or need to cut it own to a certain size to fit the smoker?  If the latter - how far off are the sizes?
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    Both I guess.  Id say its a couple inches large right now.  I just was reading that they often times shrink so you can just squeeze it in there if its close
  5. If you do a search on "trimming brisket" you will find several posts discussing the options.  Some trim heavily, some lightly.  I can tell you what I have done and gotten good results with - but it is not the only way to trim a brisket.

    1.  I start with the top side (non fat cap side).  I remove the outside fat that is hard, tough and often slightly yellow - as this will not render and just acts as a block to getting smoke in.  I will go down to the muscle so that there is little of this left - looks mostly red meat.

    2.  I carve into the fat layer separating the two muscles as much as I can without separating the two pieces.  There is a lot of fat here and I can afford to get rid of a lot of it.

    3.  I look for any silver skin and remove all that I find.

    4.  Then, I move to the bottom side (fat cap) and trim away any hard, tough fat, and any fat that is tied together with silver skin or membranes )(it looks wrinkled and you can grab it and pull it around and it does not cut well).  Good fat for rendering and lubricating your brisket slices cleanly and is easier to cut.  I like to leave around 1/4 inch of fat cap when I am done.

    Basic trimming like this will reduce the length by between 1/4 - 1/2 inch or so.  If that is within an inch or so of being the right size, I might let it go, as it will shrink some.  If you are 2-3 inches off, it won't shrink that much usually.

    I have never cut down a brisket - so if someone who has done it has a better idea - listen to them!  If I was doing that, I would take it from the big end of the point (the larger muscle).  I would never waste any of the flat muscle, and, for me, the big end of the point gives you better slices, but not as juicy usually.

    Another option is to split the flat and point into separate muscles and see if they fit on two different shelves.

    Lastly, I always keep my briskets out of any pans - so they get air (smoke) circulation all around.
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    Brisket is doing awesome. Sitting at 189 IT in the flat end. Going to let it go till about 200. Then double wrap it and put it in cooler for 1.5 or 2 hours

    I plan on cutting off the point and making some burnt ends with those I think. If I am ready to slice the brisket at 3 but don't want to serve it until 5 or 530 how should I keep it warm until serving?
  7. you can leave it wrapped up in the cooler till you are ready to slice it. Do you have towels wrapped around the foil to insulate it?

    Or, slice it into an aluminum foil tray, add some Au Jus (or plain beef broth) and cover it and put it in your oven at the lowest setting your oven will go to keep it warm.

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