first dry run on the offset.

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  1. This is my first dry run on the offset with the char-griller. After about 60 min internal grill temp at about 170. Wad hoping for closer to 200-225. Running a small minion batch of coals to see how they'll do and for how long. Turnt the original coal holder over as ive seen in some mods. Not too much to seal, mainly around the lid, stack, and the lid to the firebox. Baffel on side of fire box wide open, stack baffel half open. Guess we'll see how long she'll burn for and go from there. Suggestions/advice are welcome. Thanks in advance.
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    Lab coats and clip-boards! Run with the exhaust stack wide open, and choke the intake to control the temp.
  3. What he said.

    The stack damper is only to keep rain out when not cooking.
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    How are you checking temps?  For best results, get a digital therm and put the probe at grill level. The door gauges will almost always be off.  You need a valid reading to know how far off.

    Also, you didn't list your mods, but you may want to extend the exhaust stack down to grill level. 

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