First Cured and Cold Smoked Butt

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  1. This is my first attempt at a cured, cold smoked boston butt ham.  I let in soak in Pop's brine with some garlic powder and a few other spices for two weeks.  It has been in the MES 30 (no heat) with the AMNPS for about 14 hours. The ambient temps outside have been in the 60's.  I plan to let it smoke overnight and thru tomorrow.  I'm going to cut us some steaks to throw on the grill tomorrow night.  I'll make sure to post pics of the "money shot". Stay tuned!

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    I'm in!


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  3. Well this was a total least as a post.  The smoke went OK.  I was going to grill the steaks and take pics....BUT, my "infrared" plates are rusted out and all the damn thing wanted to do was flare up.  So I eneded up finishing them inside in an electric skillet.  I was too pissed to take pics.  The outside layer of fat tasted like sour, smoky shit, but the rest was OK once you cut that off.  They tasted kind of like a cross between ham and a pork chop.  I wasn't impressed.  Sorry to those who subscribed (SmokinAl).

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