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  1. I used my MES 30 for the first time yesterday. I bought a 3-pack of big boneless country style ribs. I've always loved grilling them, and figured it would be a good choice for my first session with my new smoker. After rubbing them with a little mustard and a generous amount of Famous Dave's Rib Rub (I bought all the spices and ingredients to start making my own rubs too), I let them set for a couple hours in the fridge, set the smoker at 235°, let it get to temp, and put in the ribs. After about 45 minutes I started adding hickory chips. Everything went great, except the increase in the IT of the ribs seemed to slow to a snail's pace at about 145° or so (maybe because of the 42° outside temp and strong breeze). After about 4 hours I took them out, slathered them in sauce, wrapped in foil, and finished them in the oven. The picture doesn't do them justice! They were tender, moist, and by far the best tasting CSRs I've ever had! The pic shows them (minus the one I ate) in a 10" wide baking pan, so they were some big ones! I'm getting a lot of good info, recipes, and tips from all the pros here, so more q-views are sure to follow!

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    J, They look very good !
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    Nice looking CSR's. One of my favorites.

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