First couple smokes!!!

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  1. Well I have had the smoker for about a month. I discussed my first pulled pork in my intro post so I will skip that one. Since then I have been trying just about everything that can go in the smoke!!! Just wish I had more time and a better option for getting hardwoods (but I will find that in time).

    So first up after the pulled pork was chicken wings! Homemade hot sauce and mixed that with homemade BBQ sauce using Jeff's recipe as a base for a nice mix. My initial excitement for these was kind of quickly extinguished I did them too low and slow and did not finish with grilling or frying for that crispy skin. The chicken flavor was amazing though, just need a strong crispy finish. It also does not help that I have pretty well perfect the deep fried wings at home... pics

    After the chicken wings came Ribs. 3-2-1 around 250 target temp, home mixed rub and a little of the BBQ sauce from Jeff's book. Those were a success fiancé and my parents greatly approved.


    First on the smoker                                                                                        Right before Wrapping

    And finished. Got distracted and ate before taking a picture!! Fall of the bone and tender for the masses. Will play with different styles as time goes one.

    And lastly took a crack at Beef Jerky that also turned out great. Oh and a little attempt at smoked salt. (Next time high temp or longer for more smokey flavor) The Jerky was a kit from the sausage maker (Cajun flavor) included cure so I smoked it at 120-130 for the first hour then slowly crept up until about 180-200 to finish. Took approx. 7 hours to get to what I was happy with. (maybe cut the strips too thick)

    First on the smoker


    Finished Jerky                                                                                       Finished salt very happy overall             

    I realize this covers a LOT of different things but advice and comments on anything are welcome. Next up will be my first brisket for superbowl! ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!
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  2. Looks like you are doing good from what I can tell. It also sounds like you are pretty happy with what you have done? I am o.k. without the crispy skin on the chicken wings but know it would make them better. Did you smoker come with a little grate for the firebox? If so you can use that to crisp up the wings over the coals after the smoking is done. If not you could also finish them off under the broiler in the oven.
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    Looks like your having a lot of fun with your new toy.

    Since you already like your fried wings, just smoke them for an hour or so then finish them in thew fryer.

    Best of both worlds!!

  4. Definitely going to try the shorter smoke and deep fry finish for the next go on the wings. I think that will give me everything I am looking for.

    Definitely having a blast with the smoker. Winter here in upstate NY has been relatively mild so not fighting to hard for temps. I plan to mod the smoker to get things a little easier to control and maintain temp. This is a great hobby that will fit very well along side all my other hobbies. After the brisket is to learn some sausage and snack sticks when I get a stuffer! I also want to try cheese but getting temps that low will require some practice....
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    Where about in Upstate NY are ya... I'm by the Ny, Ma line.

    Oh ya, those ribs look great. :drool
  6. I live in Corning. Just above PA and 30 minutes south of Seneca lake.

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